EVO Japan 2020 streams, schedule, brackets, games & prize pool

Get the lowdown on EVO Japan 2020, including the daily schedule, the brackets, as well as the games being played and the prize pool on offer.


The first EVO competition for 2020 is about to kick off in Japan and it’s shaping up to be a must-watch sporting event. Fans of the fighting game community have a lot to watch as new and old games alike join the schedule. You can watch the fights unfold right here on Shacknews!

EVO Japan 2020 livestream

EVO Japan 2020 is here and fighting game fans are ready to sink their teeth into the action. Below you will find each of the EVO livestream feeds. These are being used to stream each of the games being played over the three day event.

EVO Stream 1

EVO Stream 2

EVO Stream 3

EVO Japan 2020 game line-up

EVO Japan 2020 will also enjoy highlighting six of the best fighting games in the world. Included in the line-up of titles are:

  • Street Fighter V Arcade Edition
  • Tekken 7
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  • Samurai Shodown
  • Soulcalibur VI
  • BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle

EVO Japan 2020 schedule

The EVO Japan 2020 event schedule starts on Friday, January 24 and conclude late Sunday evening on January 26. Throughout this three day event, spectators will be able to see a host of different games played, the only difficulty will be deciding which one to focus on. Alternatively, have multiple streams open.

EVO Japan Day 1

The first day of EVO Japan is Friday, January 24. Day 1 features the biggest blocks of streams, mainly due to it being a day full of qualifiers. Players will need to pass these games in order to move on to semi-finals and then finals.

Samurai Shodown and Soulcalibur VI both have their qualifiers and semi-finals on Day 1, with their finals scheduled for Day 2.

EVO Japan 2020 day 1

EVO Japan Day 2

Day 2 of EVO Japan gets started at 9am with Tekken 7 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate qualifications, as well as the BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle semi-final. There are also three finals taking place on Saturday for Samuari Shodown, Soulcalibur VI, and BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle.

EVO Japan 2020 day 2

EVO Japan Day 3

Day 3, the final day of EVO Japan 2020, features three main events: the Tekken 7 final, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate final, and the Street Fighter V Arcade Edition final. Thankfully, there’s enough room between each event for viewers to comfortably watch them all without the need to switch between streams.

EVO Japan 2020 Day 3

EVO Japan 2020 brackets

With six games being played across three days, each with their own qualifiers, semi-finals and finals, there are a lot of brackets and even more players to keep track of. Thankfully, you can check out the complete list of EVO Japan 2020 brackets on Smash.gg, where each of the rounds and pools for the titles are listed.

EVO Japan 2020 prize pool

The prize pool for the various games being played at EVO Japan 2020 has been announced. Blazblue, Samauri Shodown and Soulcalibur players that come out victorious will walk away with a cool 500,000 JPY (roughly $4,500 USD) while the winners of Street Fighter and Tekken 7 will net themselves 1,000,000 JPY (roughly $9,100 USD). There are also prizes for several other placements:

evo japan 2020 prize pools

Readers may have heard about the recent controversy surrounding the first-place prize for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It was revealed that the player who proved to be the best in the world would receive a Pro Controller emblazoned with a gold Smash Bros. logo.

This has since been removed from the EVO Japan site, which now states that the prizes for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be announced later. Considering the likes of Street Fighter V Arcade Edition and Tekken 7 both have a first-place prize of 1,000,000 JPY, it’s certainly surprising to see a mere controller being the biggest reward for a game of Nintendo’s that managed to sell 12 million copies in 25 days.

EVO Japan 2020 is bound to have many show-stopping moments and you can be sure that we’ll keep you covered on the latest happenings. Take a moment to check out the Shacknews EVO Japan 2020 page for our ongoing coverage!

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