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There's a lot to learn and a lot to love in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Nintendo's return to the classic brawling series has been hotly anticipated by fans, and rightly so. The game is packed with unlockable characters, collectibles, Spirits, and new paths to explore, to say nothing of its various game modes. Because information is power, we've compiled every Super Smash Bros. Ultimate guide we have below, covering everything from basic fighting maneuvers to unlock requirements and more.

The Basics - Controls, Moves, and Mechanics

super smash bros ultimate fighting basics how to

Everyone has to start somewhere. Fortunately, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has a combat system that's designed to be easy-to-learn. Here's everything players need to get started, from basic controls and moves to more advanced techniques like the perfect shield.

Controls and configurations - Brush up on the basic buttons and commands.
How to play - A great starting point for new players.
How to air dodge - Learn how to duck away from harm mid-jump.
How to short hop - Catch foes by surprise with a leaping attack.
How to parry or perfect shield - Defend against damage and break through incoming attacks.

Fighter guides - Character profiles and unlock requirements

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighter profiles, guides, and unlock requirements

Nintendo promised that Smash Ultimate would have the biggest roster in the series' history, and that was no lie. The latest brawler comes packed with 70 different characters for players to enjoy, each of them with special moves and individual quirks. Shacknews' own Ozzie Mejia has been hard at work figuring out how they've changed from previous releases as well as how they should be used in Ultimate, and his character profiles can be found linked in the table below.

Mario Donkey Kong Link Samus
Kirby Fox Pikachu Luigi Ness
Captain Falcon Ice Climbers
Sheik Zelda
Marth Gandondorf Mewtwo
Pit Wario
Snake Ike Pokemon Trainer
Sonic Olimar
Mega Man Little Mac
Cloud Corrin Bayonetta Inkling Ridley
King K. Rool

To learn more about other character unlock paths and requirements, or to figure out how to unlock specific characters with the least amount of effort, check out the guides below.

How to unlock characters - Gotta catch 'em all.
Classic mode character unlocks - Predictable list for players who want to unlock specific characters.
How to rematch and replay Challengers - Score another chance to unlock new characters.
How to unlock Cloud - Materia not included.
How to unlock Joker - A familiar Persona joins the fray.
How to unlock Ken - Play as everyone's favorite blondie.
How to unlock King Dedede - Gourmet Race - Manage effective grub collection.
How to unlock Piranha Plant DLC fighter - A special reward for early adopters.

Tier lists, DLC characters, and more

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tier lists and more guides

Mastery of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate comes as part of a better understanding of all its different parts. Making the most out of the game, to say nothing of conquering all challengers, involves knowing which fighters and Spirits are best and how they can be acquired. Fortunately, we've got all the most important details.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tier list - Ranks all the game's fighters from best to worst.
DLC characters - The latest list of upcoming and anticipated DLC characters.
Adventure mode maps - Look beyond the fog to see what lies at the end of each path.
How to use and unlock Spirits - Boost attacks and gain new abilities.
How many characters - Check out the new additions to the Smash Bros. roster.
How to connect GameCube controller - For players who enjoy a proper Melee.
Download and install file size - Make sure you've got the required storage space.

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