Microsoft: more must be done with PC gaming

When it comes to gaming, Microsoft couldn't be more focused as far as the Xbox One is concerned, as it plans to announce a number of big projects for the console next week. However, that isn't the only medium that the company is reaching out for, as it intends to do more gaming-oriented content for PC as well.

Phil Spencer, Xbox head of games, explained that the PC market should get just as big a focus as console gaming. When a fan inquired about a re-release of Rise of Nations on Steam, Spencer replied through his Twitter account (via Gamespot). "Steam is a great place to sell Win32 games. We acquired the IP for future work; I'm a big fan of the franchise."

But that's not all. When a user asked if such games would come to Games For Windows (in favor of downloading Steam), Spencer was quick to respond. "I agree that Microsoft needs to up our gaming presence on Windows. Part of my Xbox role is to bring back our Windows gaming focus." However, there's bound to be a different means to bringing them to the service, as Games For Windows Live is rumored to be shutting down next month. (A new way to get games is expected to be announced, perhaps as soon as E3 next week.)

Microsoft will continue to push for new ways to get games, as it's very pleased with the progress of some developers, such as Valve. Spencer has expressed gratitude towards the company in the past, and has promised "more focus" from the PC games division as a result.