Duke Nukem Forever gone gold [updated]

[Update: 05:50] Publisher 2K has now sent out an official press release on the subject, as if that proves anything. However it does have a nice quote from 3D Realms veteran George Broussard, who wasn't exaggerating in saying, "Duke Nukem Forever and its journey to store shelves is legendary."

It's an epic tale of four game development studios that banded together and did the unthinkable and shipped the unshippable. When you play this game you will be reminded of that epic journey at every turn and in every small detail of the game. The character, attitude, interactivity, gameplay and political incorrectness combine to make a Duke Nukem game a unique gaming experience. In the timeless words of Duke Nukem it's finally time to 'Come Get Some'. Come be a part of gaming history.

[Original] Duke Nukem Forever has gone gold. No, seriously. Or so developer Gearbox Software says, at least. In theory, this means that Gearbox has discs containing the actual final version of the game and is sending them off to the manufacturers.


Yet you're still a little sceptical, aren't you?

The DNF demo is due to be released for First Access Club members on June 3, across all three platforms. Still, that'll only prove that the demo section exists, won't it?

The only way to be truly sure is to wait a few weeks for the full game, as Duke Nukem Forever is supposedly launching for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on June 14. Europe will get to find out for certain a little earlier, on June 10, but would you trust the word of a European on such an important matter? We'd happily all say we're definitely playing it for real, to yank your Yankee chain.

I'm playing Duke Nukem Forever at this very moment, in fact. Consider that a little test for you.