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Stick it to The Man! coming to PC

Having torn apart a world of paper and stickers on PlayStation 3 and Vita using its brain-arm, Stick It to the Man! is making a move on PC. Zoink's weird adventure game is coming via Steam later this month, because gosh, shouldn't every adventure game be home in time for Christmas?

Stick It To The Man sticking it to PS3 in November

Stick It To The Man will waggling its brainarm on November 19, publisher Ripstone announced today, when it debuts on PlayStation 3. Boasting dialogue written by Dinosaur Comics chap Ryan North, it's a weird adventure game starring a chap who unexpectedly finds himself able to change his paper world by swapping stickers using a bright pink arm growing out his noggin.

Warframe coming to PlayStation 4 at launch

PCnauts and mobileers have known the (intermittent) pleasures of free-to-play for quite some time, but consoles haven't explored it to nearly the same extent. It'll surely be more of a focus as we move into the next console generation and look: Digital Extremes's co-op stabby shooter Warframe is coming to PlayStation 4 as a launch title.

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