Lost in Random developers talk inspiration, dice rolls, and more

Visually, Lost in Random looks comfortably familiar, but there's more to this than meets the eye. We learn more from the developers at Zoink.


When playing through Lost in Random, players may notice some resemblances to some classic animated movies. The older generation may remember the stop motion era, where entire worlds were stylistically crafted out of clay. Those movies were also intrinsically tied to darker tales. To learn more about Lost in Random 's inspirations, we spoke with Game Director Olov Redmalm and CEO Klaus Lyngeled.

"Looking at the latest movies from Laika Studios, they're much cleaner and nicer-looking now than the older stop motion stuff," Redmalm told Shacknews. "I would say, sometimes you think, 'Oh, stop motion,' I mean, it's not so much the way things are moving in stop motion that we try to copy, it's more like just the feeling of the coziness of crawling into this universe in a way. They feel small, somehow. It still feels like you're inside a set."

Beyond the stop motion aesthetic, we were also curious to ask about Dicey, one of Lost in Random's key characters. Beyond Dicey as a key figure in combat, we were curious to learn about the window he offered into this world.

"Dicey is one of the many ancient dice found in the Valley of the Dice," Lyngeled added. "Here's a bit of a mystery. While it's very straightforward and easy to get along with and interact with [Dicey], you get a sense that he's holding a lot of secrets, if you only know what to ask. He's quite innocent and it's like, 'Oh, why would you be interested in what happened a thousand years ago?' You could assume that he knows a lot about the world before the No Dice War when all the dice were banned."

We learned a lot about Lost in Random over the past week, especially as we jumped into an early demo. You can check out our full hands-on preview to learn more. If you're interested in checking out more interviews like this, be sure to subscribe to Shacknews and GamerHubTV on YouTube. Lost in Random releases on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on September 10.

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