Flipping Death Will Get Physical Release for Switch and PS4

Zoink Games' darkly-humored platformer will get a physical release complete with special bonuses.


Flipping Death, the latest title from developer Zoink Games and the spiritual successor to comedy-based puzzler Stick It To The Man, is gearing up for its formal debut. The team has been working on the game since back in 2017, and according to a press release from publisher Rising Star Games, the title is shooting for a digital and physical release on both PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch later this year.

Zoink's latest title presents much of the same style that will be familiar to players of Stick It To The Man, namely with a far-out visual aesthetic combined with a keen sense of comedy. The game will combine elements of adventure and platforming games, and will allow players to possess living creatures and flip the entire world in order to solve various puzzles. To get a flavor of what Flipping Death is all about, check out the game's latest trailer, the likes of which is featured below.

In addition to catering to those types of players who prefer to keep physical copies of games, the retail editions of Flipping Death will also come with exclusive collector cards, or art prints that Rising Star Games describes as being "lavishly created," the likes of which will additionally feature character descriptions as well as special unlock codes that will help players round out their in-game card collections.

We haven't yet heard any word about pricing or specific release dates, but Rising Star Games and Zoink Games are aiming to bring Flipping Death to the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch sometime around this coming Spring. Players can find more information about the game by heading over to the official Flipping Death website.

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