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Natural Selection 2 brings back Eclipse

Some FPS maps are stamped into the spatial memory of their players forever: DM6; 2Fort; Q2DM1; Urban; Wake Island; de_dust. For me, ns_eclipse from Natural Selection is up there too, so how wonderful it's now in the mod's commercial sequel. Developer Unknown Worlds yesterday released a Natural Selection 2 patch adding a remake of the classic map, along with a handful of performance optimisations, balance tweaks, and bug fixes.

Natural Selection dev reveals deep sea explorer Subnautica

Unknown Worlds' first commercial game was a sequel to its lovely mod Natural Selection, but its second shall be quite different indeed. The developer is diving deep with Subnautica, which it describes as an "open world underwater exploration and construction game" about exploring the exciting and terrible unknown, meeting what lives down there.

Natural Selection 2 holds free weekend; trying to crowdfund free updates

What does your indie team do when you have bills to pay but still want to focus on your pride and joy? Rather turn to paid DLC or start work on a sequel, Natural Selection 2 developer Unknown Worlds is trying a spot more crowdfunding to keep the FPS-RTS's free updates rolling. This comes after it launched another big free update, and has kicked off a free weekend and sale to draw in more players.

Natural Selection 2 free weekend starts today

Hey, you! Have you played Natural Selection 2 yet? If you fancy giving the FPS-RTS a go, today's your lucky day, as it'll be free for all and sundry to try and play on Steam from this morning until Sunday. To put a cherry on top, developer Unknown Worlds is cutting the price by 50% for the weekend too, bringing it down to $12.50.

Natural Selection 2 dev warns of buying fraudulent keys

There are, on this big wide Internet, shadowy sites which sell game keys a fair bit cheaper than other stores. While some seem legitimate-ish in a 'grey area' sort of way, apparently reselling keys from regions where games are cheaper, others are downright illegal. Natural Selection 2 developer Unknown Worlds has cancelled 1,341 NS2 keys and eaten around $30,000 in charge-back costs after keys were bought with stolen credit cards then resold.

Natural Selection 2 'Gorgeous' update hatches today

A hefty update for Natural Selection 2 hatches today, bringing everything from bug fixes and a new map to exosuit railguns and hordes of screeching deathbugs. Developer Unknown Worlds describes the free 'Gorgeous' update as "much bigger" than any since its October launch. To top it all off, the FPS-RTS will be half-price this weekend.

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