Subnautica devs reveal new turn-based sci-fi game, Moonbreaker

The game is completely different from the team's previous titles and features top-down, turn-based gameplay.


During this year’s Opening Night Live festivities at Gamescom, the developers of Subnautica unveiled their newest project and it’s completely different from their previous games. The new game is called Moonbreaker, and it’s described as being a turn-based sci-fi “digital miniatures” game.

In the reveal trailer, a ton of top-down gameplay is shown where you’re moving game pieces around on various boards. You’ll also be able to fully customize and paint your miniatures in Moonbreaker.

Screenshot of top-down gameplay for Moonbreaker showing the game's miniatures.
© Unknown Worlds

“We are kind of channeling Guardians of the Galaxy, sci-fi feel. You can see that from the art style that we chose. You build a roster like a traditional miniature scheme, and every unit in the game is really strange and special and kind of game breaking,” explains Charlie Cleveland, Game Director at Unknown Worlds. “So, you deploy units and you move them around on the battlefield and you get all of these crazy game-changing powers.”

Cleveland goes on to talk about how painting miniatures in the game feels like real painting miniatures in real life and offers things like late washing, dry brushing, decals, and more. If you want to dig even deeper into Moonbreaker and get a better grasp as to what the game is all about, it was also revealed that the game will be available in Early Access starting September 29.

For more on the game, check out the official Moonbreaker website. For more on what’s been announced at Gamescom’s Opening Night Live, be sure to read up on the reveal of the underseas narrative adventure Under the Waves, and the release date announcement for Tales from the Borderlands.

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