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Leisure Suit Larry HD delayed until late June

Lonely Lothario Larry Laffer has been forced to delay his return to the public spotlight about a month, as Replay Games has announced it is delaying the release of Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded until late June.

Leisure Suit Larry HD targeting May 31 release

Leisure Suit Larry has been getting the HD treatment from Replay Games after its successful Kickstarter, and the awkward little man in search of love should be making his return on May 31, Replay Games CEO Paul Trowe told Shacknews today.

Leisure Suit Larry HD remake coming in late May

That lovable loser Larry Laffer is getting remade in HD, but unfortunately his coming out party is going to be a bit delayed. An update on the Leisure Suit Larry HD Kickstarter page reveals that the game will be coming out in late May "at the earliest."

Leisure Suit Larry bundle hits GOG

Why do you like Leisure Suit Larry? I understand why you did, back in the day, but why do you continue to like it? Why did you buy enough of them for too many sequels to be made, let alone a spin-off starring Larry's nephew and a sequel to that, why have you backed a Kickstarter for a remake of the first game, and then voted to get that on Steam? And why are you excited that GOG today re-released a bundle of vintage Larry games? You, yes you, you personally, you.

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