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Bugbear's Next Car Game now in Early Access

FlatOut creator Bugbear may have failed earlier this year to Kickstart its next crash-happy racer, which imaginatively is still codenamed Next Car Game, but hasn't given up. The game today launched an Early Access version, letting people pre-order to start playing while Bugbear finishes development. To tempt people into pre-ordering, the dev has also released an updated version of its technology test sandbox, which lets players smash cars into pretty little pieces.

FlatOut creator reveals demolition derby game

Following Ridge Racer Unbounded, developer Bugbear Entertainment says it's "going back to our roots" with a new cartastic smash 'em up. The FlatOut creator has revealed a project it's referring to simply as "next car game," dropping a trailer which sees cars and debris tossed through the air with abandon in a destruction derby.

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