Shacknews Shackbattle Game of the Year 2020 - Wreckfest

Wreckfest dominated 2020 as the best Shackbattle game.


Shackbattles are a storied tradition here at Shacknews. For several years, our community has come together in various games for a fun competitive showdown. While many of games have played host to Shackbattles, none of them stand above Wreckfest.

Originally released several years ago, Wreckfest received lukewarm responses and failed to garner a large following. However, consistent updates and additional content has made Wreckfest quite the fun demolition racer. Shacknews’ chatty got a hold of it, and the game quickly became home to weekly Shackbattles every Wednesday night. The Shacknews server on Wreckfest server became so popular that there often wasn’t enough room for everybody who wanted to play. A second weekly Shackbattle was then added to Saturday evenings.

Not only is Wreckfest just a fun game to play with Shackers, it’s had the ultimate staying power. Many games have made for great Shackbattles in the past, but none have seen the consistent popularity among our community that Wreckfest has maintained week after week, for months on end. Some of this can likely be attributed to the pandemic, as these big digital gatherings are a sliver of social interaction that we’ve all been missing out on. 

The game is showing no signs of slowing down, and we’ll surely be playing it well into the new year. It wouldn’t be surprising if we’re back here next year once again talking about Wreckfest as the best Shackbattle game in 2021. Hopefully, with less corner bombing.

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