Wolfenstein: The New Order Walkthrough Guide Part 16 - The Final Battle

Our Wolfenstein guide concludes with tips on surviving the final battles against Deathshead and his army.

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It finally comes down to this. Time to bring the pain to Deathshead. As you swim toward the beach, make sure you dive to pick up the Gold Trowel. Then climb up onto the ladder and grab all the equipment laying around. There’s a lot of it here and you want to be ready for the trials ahead. Bear right and take care of the charging Kampfhund. You’ll find a door on your left up the hall, but don’t open it. Instead, use it as a barricade and move from side to side, taking out the guards. Once the room is clear (or near enough) go into the room at the end of the hall and finish off any remaining guards.


Tip: Be sure to grab the Rocket Launcher rounds dropped by heavily armored enemies, but try to save as much of it as possible.

Use your Rocket Launcher or Laserkraftwerk to take out the giant robot in the next room. Search the area for dropped ammo and collectibles, and then keep walking until you find another hallway. A few guards will be waiting through the next door. We used Hand Grenades to soften them up a bit, but approach it however works best for you.


Tip: You can use your Laserkraftwerk to cut through the metal on the left wall for an alternate entrance. Clear out the courtyard, and be sure to pick up one of the weapons from the giant robots before pressing the button to open the door. You’ll run into some heavy armor soldiers on the right, but that weapon you just picked up makes some short work of them. Keep it around and charged and keep cutting a path through the enemies.


Tip: Keep an eye out for enemies trying to flank you here. As long as your gun is charged to deal with enemies as soon as you see them, you should survive just fine. Search the area for loot dropped by the pile of bodies and then go down the stairs and take a right. Turn the lever, then sneak through. Careful, it can fall and crush you. You’ll come to a ladder before too long, and climbing it will trigger a cutscene. Once you gain control again, use the option to melee Bubi. Head back up the ladder and proceed forward until you reach an elevator. At the bottom you’ll find Anya and Set Roth, and you can escort them to safety.

Boss Fight: Defeat Wyatt/Fergus and the Prototype Robot

The boss fight here will rely on who you saved during the prologue. If you saved Wyatt, it will be Fergus, and vice-versa. After the cutscene, you’ll get knocked outside and lose all your weapons. Immediately run for the courtyard to take cover behind protective glass.


Tip: Use your knife to destroy the boxes in this area. Those house the Hand Grenades you need to beat Wyatt/Fergus. Whenever Wyatt/Fergus approaches, toss a Hand Grenade at his feet. When he kneels down, run up to him and use the interaction button to end the fight.

Final Boss: Defeat Deathshead

Once again make use of the protective glass, and then use the Laserkraftwerk to cut a hole in the fence. Go either left or right, and run along the path until you find a turret. Use that to destroy the blimp that’s powering Deathshead’s shield. Then jump out of the turret and climb up a second set of stairs on the opposite side of the courtyard. You’ll find another turret there, and another blimp to take down. Once those two are down, use the Laserkraftwerk and Hand Grenades to end the first phase of the battle. Drop down to trigger the fight against Mecha Deathshead. This fight is all about pure brute force. Avoid his flames and pick away at his health when you can. Keep your Laserkraftwerk charged with the wall chargers scattered around. As more flames engulf the area, smoke will start to obscure your vision. That makes the sights useless, so fire from the hip instead. The crosshairs will turn red when you’re on-target. Keep pummeling him with the Laserkraftwerk and Hand Grenades, and eventually he’ll fall down. Approach him to finish the fight, and the game.
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