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Wolfenstein: The New Order Walkthrough Guide Part 4 - Let's go to prison

For Part 4 of our Wolfenstein: The New Order guide, Blazkowicz goes to prison!

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Jump the railing and move along the ledge before climbing into the first window on the left. Grab the letter from the table and return to the ledge. Drop onto a nearby roof and climb down through the hatch. Go through the door and look to the left to find the battery needed to operate the Laser Cutter. Go back the way you came and then go upstairs to find a place you can charge the battery. Cut a hole in the fence with the Laser Cutter and climb through.


Keep the Laser Cutter charged at all times. Just do it! After jumping out the window to land on the roof, allow the guard pass freely. Open one of the windows and sneak behind him for a stealth kill. Observe the Signal Detected on your screen before taking down the three guards in the next room without being seen. Do not get spotted or the alarm will awaken the nearby Kampfhund. After dispatching the guards, stealth kill the Kampfhund, just to be safe. Find a file in main room and put it in the filing cabinet to open a secret door. Answer the phone and wait for the conversation to end. Walk into the secret door and loot the area. Go back into the control room and find the stairs at the opposite end. Go upstairs, get to the office, and stealth kill the Commander. Loot the room before going outside and following the ledge around the waiting transport. Jump on the transport and watch the cutscene. Go up the stairs and find the ladder across the catwalk. Climb this ladder and the next one to get to the roof. Stealth kill the guard that has his back to you. Use the Laser Cutter to break the chain holding the gate shut and drop down to the ground level. Charge your Laser Cutter and then stealth kill the next guard.


Look out for doors with motion lasers. Avoid them or shoot them on sight. Use the Laser Cutter to cut through both fences to access the courtyard interior. Go to the other side of your starting point and climb a vent to get to the prison interior. Immediately start running away from the giant killer robot and slide under the wall to escape. Use your Laser Cutter to drop through the grate in the floor. Follow the tunnel and stealth kill the nearby guard. Go up the ladder across the tunnel to get to the bathroom. It may be most un-gentlemanly, but stealth kill the guard at the urinal. Go out into the halls and stealth kill the sleeping Kampfhund. Go into the sleeping quarters and stealth kill both sleeping guards. Pick up the key hanging on the wall in the box next to the first guard's chair. Continue down the hall and go through the open door on the left. Stealth kill the Commander and recharge the Laser Cutter. Use the key to unlock the door near the end of the hall.


The lower level of the catwalks are patrolled by one guard. Take him out and grab the vital Shooting upgrade for your Laser Cutter. Open the next door and stealth kill the guard patrolling the catwalks. Turn left on the catwalk and go to the chained door at the other end. Stop and grab the Laser Cutter Upgrade before cutting the chain off the door and moving on. Move through the door, but beware the dreaded robot dog. Sprint down the catwalk and use your Laser Cutter to cut the chains and move to the next area. There's a charge kit on the wall before the chains, if you need to recharge it. Get to the cell block and stealth kill the guard inside the station. Quickly take out the other guard before he can react. Loot the area and get on the elevator. Take out the guard in Cell 2B and then use your Laser Cutter to free the prisoners. Take a brief moment to charge it before removing the helmet from the prisoner shouting at you. Open the hatch near the table wedged against the door. Climb inside and crawl to the room on the other side, making sure to stealth kill the Commander inside. Loot the whole area before pulling the lever by the door.


Among the goodies in the room with the Commander is the Automatic Shotgun. Grab it from the floor and go nuts with it! Dispatch the guards trying to kill Fergus. Reunite with Fergus and follow him into the next room, hitting the button when prompted. Crawl under the door and proceed, keeping an eye out for the automatic turrets. Get to the ground floor and flip the switch. Jump down into the water and follow Fergus out the door. When Fergus opens the gate, take out the nearby Nazi and you'll be back in the same courtyard where you cut the two holes in the fences. The enemy is on alert, so bring out the big guns and clear the area. Don't be afraid to bust out your Automatic Shotgun, especially against the armored enemies. Follow Fergus until you find yourself in some narrow hallways filled with Nazis. Clear the area, loot the main control room, and move up the stairs. The top of the stairs will have several heavily armored soldiers and a Kampfhund. Use your heavy weapons to clear the area. Move down the halls until you reach the car outside. Clear a path for Fergus and wait for him to give you word before jumping in and driving out of the prison. You'll soon crash, so cut the chain with your Laser Cutter and drop into the sewers. Climb back out to street level and watch the ensuing cutscene. Then jump into the water and swim after Fergus and Anya. Use the Laser Cutter to remove the chain and then follow Fergus a bit further to end the chapter.

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