Wolfenstein: The New Order Walkthrough Guide Part 1 - From a burning plane to Deathshead's Compound

Find out how to best fight your way through Wolfenstein: The New Order with our handy walkthrough guide!

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You control William "B.J." Blazkowicz, an American soldier fighting in an alternate reality World War II. You're on a plane piloted by Fergus Reid, and it's in trouble.

Turn around and start heading towards the rear of the plane, but turn left as soon as you pass through the doorway. You'll find a cabinet. Inside are pliers and baling wire. Take them and head to the back of the plane. You'll need to crouch to get into the fuel line compartment. After repairing the fuel line, go back the way you came, but take a right at the tool cabinet. Run into the cargo bay and use your knife all the straps, which drops all the gear out of the plane. Then return to the cockpit.


You'll come across crates and boxes while playing Wolfenstein: The New Order. Breaking them open with your knife could get you health, armor, and ammo. Back in the cockpit, Fergus will want you to man the plane's front turret. Jump in and shoot down as many planes as you can before he pulls you out. The next task is easy. Pull the lever just above the co-pilot seat on the right side of the cockpit to retract the radar. Then open the plane's door and watch Fergus jump over to an adjacent plane. Now it's your turn. Sprint, jump onto the wing, and reach up and climb aboard to meet your new friend, Probst Wyatt. After helping Probst get a hold of himself, you'll soon find yourself in the cockpit of a crashed plane. Grab the radio from the co-pilot's seat before turning around to break the box leading to the rest of aircraft. A Hell Beast will come sniffing for you, so sprint and slide underneath to get past it. Don't try to fight it. You won't win.

Jump into the water and swim. After leaving the plane, look down and check the lights lining the ocean floor. Follow them to reach your destination. Then take control of the turret to blow away the robots in the middle of the battlefield before hopping out to rejoin Fergus and Probst. Run straight ahead, through a trench, and drop down when you can't go any further. Use your shiny new submachine gun to eliminate the Nazis on your right. Then go left, and make sure to pick up any weapons, health, armor and ammo that might be laying around. The next room will have a box full of hand grenades and some health. Loot the room and toss a grenade at the auto-turret. This will create a hole in the floor for you to drop through. Follow the on-screen tutorial instructions to shoot the guard from under the door, then be sure to take the Assault Rifle 1946 as you walk over his body. Head left and shoot anyone that gets in the way. Keep going until you reach a set of stairs. Take them up, wipe out the guards in the next room, and keep moving. When you exit the building, climb up the rocks and you'll be right back in the trench you started in. You'll see a giant death machine, but ignore it and drop back into the trench. Going right will take you back to the stairs. Going straight brings you face-to-muzzle with a Kampfhund - a huge armored attack dog. Use your knife to take it out, catch your breath, and continue moving. Follow the trench and eliminate all enemies along the way. At the end of the trench, crouch down and follow the on-screen directions to sneak up and stealth-kill the officer. The do the same thing with the soldier firing out from the machine gun nest. If you're not in the habit of looting rooms yet, get into it. This room scores you the Handgun 1946.

Now comes time to take out the Commander. He's just ahead, standing among a handful of soldiers. You'll know you're close to them by the Signal Detected status indicator, located near the top right of the screen. You can use your knife to silently take out the guard facing away from you, then stab the Commander. Work your way around the are in a clockwise direction and knife the remaining guards. So long as you remain crouched, no one should be alerted.


The Commander will radio for reinforcements if you're spotted before killing him. Even if it means using your gun, which alerts everyone nearby, be sure the Commander is one of the first people you take out. So, it turns out there's more than one Commander. Keep moving until you see Signal Detected again. Now the choice is yours. Go in loud, or take everyone out quietly. Just remember that the alarm will sound if you're spotted. Once everyone is taken care of, place a charge on the giant door in the middle of the area to enter the underground tunnel. A third Commander is just ahead. Take out the Nazis however you like, but try to kill the Commander first, so he can't sound the alarm. Head up the stairs and shoot everyone you encounter until you reach the top floor. You'll reach a room with a large Cannon, with an operator on its left side. Use your knife to kill the bad guy, then head back inside to find a door that was previously closed now open. Loot the area and move on. Keep going forward, killing soldiers all along the way, until you reach the second Cannon. Kill the operator, then take control of the Cannon. Turn it left and fire it at a plane that's stuck on the side of the mountain. Exit the Cannon and start making your way towards the plane you just destroyed, killing all Nazis on your path. A giant robot dog will attack when you try to walk through the door indicated on your screen. Just hang back and enjoy the fireworks.

After a few inspirational words from Fergus, climb the wall, but keep an eye out. Enemies will pop out from the windows and try to kill you, so kill them first. Be sure to peek through windows as you pass over them. Remember that you can move left and right to avoid enemy machine guns instead of passing directly over them. Once you reach the top, dispatch the enemy however you please. Drop through the floor and pull the lever to raise the gate, letting Fergus and the rest of the team into the compound. Then climb down the chain connected to the counterweight and start exploring. When you come across a door that's latched shut, open it and two Commanders will show up on Signal Detected. Quickly move inside so that the Commanders won't spot you. Try to be sneaky and kill them with a knife. If that doesn't work, then go nuts with your guns and kill everything that moves, including the two Kampfhunds. The next Commander is in a fancy dining room, and shouldn't be too difficult to knife. He'll attack if he's alerted to your presence, but even then, he's not too tough. Once he's taken care of walk straight out of the dining room and down to the end of the hall. Make a left and walk across some plants for the next area. After you're done dealing with the Kampfhund, pull the sword on the statue to the left of the giant painting to reveal a secret passage. This tunnel leads straight to a Commander, who is too busy talking on the phone to notice you coming up behind him to shove a knife into his neck. Leave the room, but be careful not to alert the guard standing outside. Disregard him for now and circle around the area so you can enter the room from a different angle. Don't forget to take out the two sleeping Kampfhunds. They won't hear you approaching if you're crouched. Then make your way to the next Commander and eliminate him. Step onto a wooden balcony and shoot the attacking Nazis. Make your way to the other end of the platform and go through the window. Keeping going straight until you find a gigantic, mountable, gun. Hop on and mow down everything in the courtyard. If you run out of ammo, use one of your regular guns to get back to the business of killing. Be sure to pay attention to what Fergus is singing while you're busy depopulating Nazis. Meet up with your squad, grab the beam and clear the path ahead. Jumping across to the next platform triggers a cut scene. After a sequence of events, you'll find yourself inside an incinerator. Grab the key, located in a corner drawer that's across from Fergus and Probst. Use the key to open the door, then go back to get the man named Broken Feet, and carry him to the next room.

Boss fight time! A death machine will come for you, but this one is pretty easy to beat. Keep shooting at it until it dies. One of your buddies will tell you when its face is exposed, allowing to shoot or stab at its weak spot. Without spoiling too much, you're now faced with a critical cut scene, and the lives of Fergus and Probst are in your hands. You can only save one, and your choice will have an impact on how the rest of the game plays out, so choose wisely. Saving Fergus will grant you the hotwire ability, which lets you access health upgrades and alternate routes. Sparing Probst gets you the lockpicking ability, which lets you access additional routes and armor upgrades. The choice is yours, but we saved Fergus because we knew him longer. Once you have control again, run up to the armored monster and melee him to set Fergus free. Then jump onto each of the tables and bash the incinerator nozzles using your pipe. One Fergus frees you, go over to the control panel by the windows and hotwire it. Touch the wires together three times, then quickly jump out the window. Congratulations, you've completed the prologue!
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