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Wolfenstein: The New Order Walkthrough Guide Part 8 - The Bloody Bloody Prison Break

Our next journey in the world of Wolfenstein is a long stealthy mission that culminates in a bloody prison break.

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Our next journey in the world of Wolfenstein is a long stealthy mission that culminates in a bloody prison break. Just follow the instructions to reach the cement mixer. Pay close attention to the instructions, because the order in which you perform the commands matters. First, pull the level on the right. Then, crank the lever on the left. Finally, press the middle button. Once you perform those steps in the proper order, pick up the piece that fell from the machine and throw it into the mixer. Then repeat the steps to break the mixer completely, which will distract the guards long enough to let you swap uniforms with another prisoner. Head into the yard and then find the door on your left near some prisoners. Head to the sleeping quarters and talk to Set Roth. Then, speak to the woman in the corner, who will give you a mission to kill a man forebodingly called “The Knife.”

Exit the doorway and then head towards your objective. You’ll have to slide down a ramp onto a pile of bodies. Before you leave, get the collectibles from around the room including armor on the shelf. This will trigger a quick scene, and when you regain control you’ll have to dislodge a knife from your stomach. Before you do anything else, crouch to take out the Kampfhund, and then kill the guards. Loot this room just like the last one.


You should be crouching throughout almost all of this chapter, since it so much of it is about being stealthy. In the next room you’ll just have to deal with one guard, and then grab anything you can before heading back towards the furnace. Sneakily walk behind the guard on the catwalk and then knife him, and then head into the next room. There you’ll find The Knife, so it’s time to exact some revenge. Once you’ve stealthily taken him down, exit the room and knife another hapless guard in the back. After taking out one more guard in the control room, you can press a button on the desk to disable the security. Head back out and towards the side of the yard opposite where you swapped uniforms. Talk to Set there, and then go back into the factory until you reach the controls for the B6 door.


Each room has lots of loot, so make sure you do a thorough job of checking them all for goodies. Go back to the courtyard and take a left to climb some scaffolding to the top level. You’ll see a set of double glass doors. Go through them and into the first room on your left. Take out the Kampfhund here and the guard, and then go back into the hallway. A guard will be patrolling, so wait until his back is turned and knife him. Head into a room by the stairs and take out another guard. Once they’re all dispatched you should be clear to explore freely without any threats to trip you up.


When you go downstairs you’ll see a fork. One path, on the immediate left, takes you down a long hallway that leads directly to the lower level. You can bypass the most of the rest of the level this way, but you also might miss out on some item pick-ups. Head down the stairs where you’ll find two guards. Just wait for their backs to be turned and take them out quiet-like. In the next area, you’ll find a sleeping Kampfhund and three guards. This can be tricky to do with stealth, so be patient. First, wait until one guard patrols and stops near a window at the bottom of the stairs. Killing him here will give you enough distance that it won’t wake the Kampfhund. Take out sleeping beauty, and then knife your way through the remaining two guards.


Near the window where you killed the first guard, you can find a Gold Bust behind the desk. Go down yet another staircase and kill the two guards. Grab the battery, and you’ll trigger another cutscene. Once the cutscene ends, give the battery to Set Roth, and then get into the Herr Faust. This contraption isn’t invincible, but it is a wrecking machine and you should stay alive as long as you take out threats. Some robots will drop health packs that you can walk over to replenish your own. Once you’ve mopped up all the enemies, exit the Herr Faust to end the mission.

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