Wolfenstein: The New Order Walkthrough Guide Part 3 - Fun with interrogations

It's time to fight some hulking robots in Part 3 of our Wolfenstein: The New Order guide.

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After a brief discussion with a Nazi in your trunk, begin exploring the area before picking up the safety goggles from the desk drawer. Then the plastic apron from the cabinet next to the desk. Grab the chainsaw from the desk and the officer will attack you. Melee him to knock him back into the chair before proceeding with the interrogation. Watch the cutscene and follow the old man's instructions. Clear out the enemy Nazis before the car can go any further. Jump into the pipe to the left, which will cause two Signal Detected notices to appear at the top-right. Crouch and move in the only available direction, making sure to take out the guard at the top of the stairs with your Knife. Move counter-clockwise around the building until you find the Commander. Go up the stairs and take out the Commander with your Knife. The next Commander is in the building further down the line. Walk down the nearby catwalk and don't draw attention to yourself. If the guards are alarted, you'll go up against a Kampfhund and two or three drones. If that happens, just shoot everyone and move along. After dispatching the two Commanders and their soldiers, head back to the car. You won't get very far before more guards appear. Go through the door on the left and dispose of these guards. They all know you're there, so go nuts and eliminate them with extreme prejudice before looting the room for items. Next, go up the stairs until you're on top of the gate. Once you see the car below you, head across to the other side. Take out any opposition on your way to the ground level, then open the floor hatch and drop down. Head over to your left, crouching to stealth kill the two guards with your Knife. Check the area for loot and keep going. After going down the next set of stairs, you'll get a Signal Detected for the next Commander. Get to the bottom of the stairs and go underneath them, then counter-clockwise around the room. You should be directly behind the Commander, giving you an opening for a stealth kill. After dealing with the Commander, take out the remaining enemies however you want. Take the elevator to the next floor and pull the lever to raise the checkpoint platform. Go through the open door on the left and go up the stairs. Take out the guards and pull the lever next to the door to exit the next checkpoint.

It turns out that Anya's grandfather decided to leave you behind. Chase the car and shoot the Nazis when prompted. You'll soon get another Signal Detected on your screen, so do your best to take out the Commander without being seen, because he will call numerous reinforcements if he spots you.


If you can avoid getting spotted, work your way around clockwise. When you find the ladder behind the building, climb it and drop down the hatch. Stealth kill the Commander. Return to the car, where two giant robots will attack. Spot the one that came out of the truck and get to it quickly. After getting into the truck, hit the button to take out one of the robots instantly. Now move over to one of the turrets on the side of the road and open the second one. Return to the car again and watch the cutscene. Move over to the table and set the coffee down. Enjoy the dialogue with Obersturmbannfuhrer Engel, answering her questions as you please. Afterwards, pick up the coffee and take it to Anya on the other end of the train to complete the chapter.
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