Wolfenstein: The New Order Walkthrough Guide Part 10 - Berlin Catacombs gliding for the gold snake

Take a nice, relaxing, flight through a maze of tunnels using the Tunnel Glider. You'll even pick up the Gold Snake for your trophy case, and the coveted Laserkraftwerk Tesla Upgrade along the way. Check out our Wolfenstein: The New Order walkthrough guide, and you won't get lost in the catacombs!

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Use the Tunnel Glider, go downward, and enjoy the ride. Eventually, you'll reach a locked gate. Leave the Tunnel Glider and pull out the Laserkraftwerk to cut through the chain. Get back to the glider and continue on your way. The next gate has a small tunnel running beneath it. Use it to swim over to the other side and cut the chain. Return to the Tunnel Glider and proceed down the passage. You'll eventually reach a section with a propeller on the left and a ladder on the right. Climb up the ladder and press the button until the opening is underwater.


It's very easy to get lost in this section. So, pay close attention to these instructions. The path to the current objective is on the right, between the two sets of blades you had to adjust. Return to the Tunnel Glider and fly through the opening in the opening of the first blade set. The objective is on the right, so make a mental note of that. Fly through the gap of another set of blades, turn left, and go down another tunnel. You'll reach a large opening. Look to your right for a tunnel that's blocked by debris. Go toward the debris, exit the glider, and you'll find a Gold Snake at the base of the blockage. Get back into the Tunnel Glider and backtrack to the tunnel from earlier - the one we told you to make note of - to reach your objective. Leave the Tunnel Glider and climb up onto the ground. Move forward then climb the ladder on the left. Go into the next room and hold the lever until the area fills up with water. Now head back to the Tunnel Glider for one last ride.

Steer your glider forward until you reach the next platform. Get off the glider, climb up onto the platform, and wave a fond farewell to the Tunnel Glider. Hop into the water, then swim toward the underwater mine. Use the Laserkraftwerk to cut the chain and clear away the blockage. Get some air, then swim through, down to the other side where things get deep. Dive down and go through a small opening. Follow this tunnel until you have to surface. Pick up whatever ammo, health, and armor you can find, then make your way to the elevator. Take it up to another room full of loot.


You'll find the Tesla Laserkraftwerk Upgrade in this room. Make sure to grab it before continuing on. Use the Laserkraftwerk to cut your way out. Then turn right and keep your back pressed against the left wall. Keep moving ahead and you'll soon get two Signal Detect notifications. You'll want to complete the next section using stealth to save yourself some headache. When you reach the platform, you'll have the choice between climbing up or going underneath. Go up and wait for the guard to come near. Use your knife to take him out when his back is turned. Keep sticking to the left wall and use cover to reach closest Commander.


The Commander has a Kampfhund near him. Eliminate his pet first so you won't have to fight it later.

After the Kampfhund is taken care of, sneak up behind the Commander and get stabbing. Then quickly move toward the next one. Stay behind cover and wait for the Command to turn away from you. Sneak up, stab, and do the same to the remaining guard. Once the area is cleared out, go back to where the Kampfhund and first Commander were located. Make note of the doors near the wall, and explore the area for loot. When you're done, hit the button behind where the Commander was standing, and a giant robot will come out to greet you with a hail of bullets. A fully charged Laserkraftwerk will make short work of the robot. Once it's destroyed, press the button again to raise the gate up all the way. Crouch under it before it closes. Nothing will attack you here, so feel free to explore and loot the area. Next, go over to the main control room and press the button on the desk, which calls in a bunch of Nazis to come in and attack. Hunker down in this room and defend your position from the advancing army. Use Hand Grenades to take out the heavily armored troops. When you're done carpeting the floor with Nazi corpses, proceed to the far end of the tunnel peek out of a door that overlooks the main tracks. This is a prime location for picking off approaching enemies, and use the Laserkraftwerk to destroy the big robots. When the charge on the Laserkraftwerk starts to run low, dash down to the charge stations along the tracks and fill up. Once the final robot is destroyed, go over to the main train car to complete the objective and finish the mission. Congratulations! You've completed this chapter.
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