Wolfenstein: The New Order Walkthrough Guide Part 15 - Scads of Giant Robots

Our Wolfenstein guide continues with the penultimate chapter.


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First thing’s first: Max Haas has left a trove of dropped weapons laying around the car, so grab them. Make sure you watch the ledges and take out any threats, and eventually Max will take Klaus Kreutz and open a gate.

Inside the compound, you’ll find a “Signal Detected” prompt indicating a Commander is nearby. Take him out however you like, then move on to the others on this floor. Once you’ve mopped them all up, walk towards the hanger and you’ll find your path has been blocked.

Your next objective is all the way up on the third floor, so head up there. You’ll find this area is pretty small and densely populated, so the Auto Shotgun is an invaluable tool for clearing out the scads of troops. Make sure along the way you stop by the rooms for loot and collectibles.

On the third floor, clear the enemies and find a glowing chained vent. Use your Laserkraftwerk to cut through it, and then jump inside. You’ll find Tekla, and a cutscene will trigger.

Once you gain control again, crawl through the vent until you see an opening. Take out the two robots with explosives like the Rocket Launcher or Hand Grenades, or just use your Laserkraftwerk. Once they’re through it should be simple to finish off the regular enemies with your Assault Rifle.

Climb up the ladder and into another vent. You’ll be interrupted by yet another set of robots, but this time the problem will take care of itself with the assistance of Caroline.

Once that’s done, take out a few guards behind you, and then use your rocket launcher to deal with the armored Kampfhund. With all that finished you can board a chopper and end the chapter.

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