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Every character you can have a relationship with in Baldur's Gate 3, things they approve of, gaining their affection, and more.


Baldur’s Gate 3 lets players court, romance, and eventually have sex with a whole lot of characters. There are a bunch of hurdles between meeting a companion and fostering the relationship. If you’re looking to have sex with one of the companions in BG3, here are some tips on who is a romance option, where to find them, and how you can ensure your actions gain their approval.

All sex & romance options

There are a lot of romance options in Baldur’s Gate 3, with many of the relationships including sex scenes and other intimate moments. Beyond these relationships, there are a couple of characters that will approve or disapprove of your actions, despite not being a romance option: Jaheira and Minsc.

Shadowheart disapproves of giving an artist some money
Try to avoid making decisions that your companions will disapprove of and instead try to pick things they will approve.
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To start romancing another character in Baldur’s Gate 3, you must first meet them and get to know them. Each companion will have different things they like and dislike – try to remember these. By picking dialogue options or performing actions they like, their approval of you will increase, which will lead to romantic interest.

Actually progressing relationships will take a bit of effort and time but it can vary between characters. While Lae’zel will be good to go early on, someone like Shadowheart takes some more courting. What’s important is that you are talking to them when some new developments take place. This might be when you’re out adventuring or when you’re at camp. Upon returning to camp, look to see if they’ve got an exclamation mark (!) above their head, if they do, speak with them.

Shadowheart and Karlach approve of helping a Tiefling child
Having companions with similar likes and dislikes in your party makes it easier to romance them. For instance, both Karlach and Shadowheart approve of you being nice to Arabella.
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Provided you continue to do things they approve of (indicated by an approval message in the top of the screen), you will eventually be able to take the relationship further. Most of these scenes happen after a Long Rest. For this reason, you should be trying to perform a Long Rest reasonably often – just make sure you’ve got the Camp Supplies to spare.

Can you romance multiple companions?

Only a few characters in Baldur’s Gate 3 can be romanced while you are already in a relationship with another companion. If you’ve seen a sex scene with a companion – and are still in a relationship with them – then only a few will be okay to enter a polyamorous romance.

How to leave a relationship

In the event you’ve had enough of one relationship, you can always leave it and pursue another. For example, if you’ve already had an intense and somewhat aggressive encounter with Lae’zel but want to court Karlach, you can speak with Lae’zel and call off the relationship.

Lae’zel romance tips

A close-up of Lae'zel
Lae'zel likes it when you're aggressive and domineering, so keep that in mind when trying to woo her.
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Lae’zel is the first character you meet that you can romance. Given her Gith nature, she loves it when you’re aggressive, able to overpower others, and when you side with her. She is incredibly anti-Absolute and anything to do with the Illithid, so avoid siding with those wherever possible. She also favors actions above words, so get ready to pick a lot of the “fight now” dialogue options. You'll need to find and free Lae'zel after the Nautiloid crashes before you can start romancing her.

Shadowheart romance tips

Shadowheart inspects her artifact
Shadowheart, despite the name, has a warm heart. Be kind to people (except the Githyanki) and try to pick dialogue options that show you're understanding of her religion.
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Shadowheart is first encountered on the Nautiloid, trapped in a mind-flayer pod. Despite her dark and gothic appearance, she loves it when you’re kind hearted and avoid violence. Try to always be accepting of her Shar religion and opt for talking instead of fighting. She’s also fond of children, so helping out the littlies, like Arabella, is guaranteed to gain her approval. Because she’s got that artifact, she’ll be quite distrusting of Gith, so having Shadowheart and Lae’zel in your party can make things tricky.

Gale romance tips

Gale prepares a spell in the character creation screen
Gale is practically ready to go right off the bat. If you're an intelligent sort who's good at talking, he'll shack up with you quickly.
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Gale is discovered in the wilderness, locked inside a waypoint. After freeing him, you’ll be able to begin pursuing a relationship. To help speed this along, he loves it when you give him items that are infused with magic for him to consume. He’s also fond of you being kind, intelligent, avoiding violence, and otherwise being a decent person.

Astarion romance tips

Astarion ponders something, hand on chin
Astarion is a bit of a bully, so he pairs quite nicely with Lae'zel, as both will approve of meaner dialogue options.
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Astarion can be found early on after the Nautiloid crashlanding. As far as romancing Astarion goes, you’ll need to be accepting of his vampire nature, which includes dominating those who are weaker than you and being cool with the typically evil creatures, like goblins. He’ll also greatly appreciate it if you let him bite you.

Halsin romance tips

Halsin speaks with the player
Halsin is just a cool dude who is totally up for it. Be nice to animals and tell him druid stuff is neat.
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Halsin is a rather friendly fellow who you’ll wind up meeting if you follow the Tiefling and Druid story during Act 1. Check out our guide on finding Halsin if you’re struggling to locate this handsome chap. After freeing him, he’ll return to your camp where you can do things to impress him like appreciating nature, being kind to animals, and other druid tendencies.

Karlach romance tips

Karlach standing near some brushes
Karlach loves fighting, but only those who deserve to get hit. Be kind, don't judge her because she's a Tiefling, and she'll be ready to go once you sort out the problem of her burning people she touches in Act 2.
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Karlach is a fiery Tiefling who loves nothing more than a good fight, provided you’re not doing it to someone who is weaker than you. Try to avoid being a bully and continue to do good acts and she’ll be in your pocket. But before you can start courting her, you’ll want to find Karlach along the Risen Road. It will also help if you aid her in treating the infernal engine that is her heart and being friendly to other Tieflings, like Arabella.

Wyll romance tips

Close up of Wyll in the character creation screen
Wyll is a straight shooter who loves it when you're a champion. Be kind, be considerate, and do what is right and you'll get him.
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Wyll is a complex character with some clear internal conflicts, but he’s one who is well worth romancing. This bloke loves nothing more than you being a strong and good person who helps others. He’s not keen on devils and other evil monsters, so avoid siding with them if you plan to see where this relationship goes.

There are a lot of romance options in Baldur’s Gate 3. While some characters will have sex scenes quite early in the relationship, others you’ll need to put a bit more time in before you get intimate. When that time does come, keep in mind that not many characters want to be in a relationship with you if you’re already romancing someone else. Take a look at our Baldur’s Gate 3 strategy guide for more guides to help you across this rich and complex game.

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