Mortal Kombat 1 launch trailer shows off Reiko gameplay

Reiko is General Shao's second-in-command in the Mortal Kombat 1 timeline and features a hard-hitting brawler combat style.


It’s some of the final days before Mortal Kombat 1 releases in early access for premium edition pre-orders. However, NetherRealm still had some surprises for us in the launch trailer leading up to the game’s release. Reiko had been spotted briefly in previous trailers, but nothing was confirmed about the fighter until now. In the launch trailer, got our first look at Reiko on the main roster, finally and officially confirming him as one of the last of MK1’s playable cast.

NetherRealm Studios put out the launch trailer for Mortal Kombat 1 featuring Reiko on September 12, 2023. While much of the trailer focuses on content we’ve seen before, like the recently revealed Nitara and even some Mileena gameplay, Reiko makes an appearance somewhere in the middle of the trailer and we get to see him for a brief moment. During the brief stint, we see him use punch and kick combinations leading into a slide that pops the opponent into the air. He also uses a grapple where he catches them mid-air and throws them on the ground before climbing atop them and raining down blows.

Reiko looks like he’ll have elements of Kano and Jacqui Briggs in his combat style for Mortal Kombat 1. He appears to have quite a few lunging attacks that can put him in range or catch his opponents to put them in a world of hurt. Reiko, like Nitara, marks another return of a Mortal Kombat character from what was otherwise minor roles in the 3D Mortal Kombat games. Reiko’s last appearance was only by mention and background appearances in Mortal Kombat 2011.

With Reiko pretty much rounding out the full Mortal Kombat 1 roster, there isn’t much left but to wait for the game’s early access launch next week. Stay tuned for more updates and coverage leading up to Mortal Kombat 1’s launch.

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    September 12, 2023 7:43 AM

    TJ Denzer posted a new article, Mortal Kombat 1 launch trailer shows off Reiko gameplay

    • reply
      September 12, 2023 6:06 AM

      MK1 launch trailer

      • reply
        September 12, 2023 6:39 AM

        this looks more and more fun with every trailer. might be the first time I buy an MK game

        • reply
          September 12, 2023 7:57 AM

          How is that possible?

          • reply
            September 12, 2023 8:09 AM

            I had Street Fighter 2 for SNES and rented Mortal Kombat a few times, but never actually owned any of them. I can't even the last time I played an MK game, but this one just looks like a whole lotta fun

      • reply
        September 12, 2023 8:07 AM

        Looks fun! It still seems strange to me that clearly want to keep going down the path of making these games story/character heavy, but it's kind of incongruous with the sadistic violence. I feel this reboot would have been a good opportunity to step back from that stuff. It doesn't need the gimmick, it looks great without it.

        • reply
          September 12, 2023 8:15 AM

          Why would they step back from something that has been a runaway success for several games now?

        • reply
          September 12, 2023 8:22 AM

          Really? Mortal Kombat without gratuitous violence is like a Mario game without jumping, or a GTA game without crime, or a Bethesda game without bugs.

        • reply
          September 12, 2023 8:24 AM

          The MK "engine" should be used for a game with less over the top violence and gore. I was hoping the Injustice titles would be that, but I was wrong.

        • reply
          September 12, 2023 8:28 AM

          MK is the #1 fighting franchise. I don't think they have a reason to change things up at this point.

        • reply
          September 12, 2023 8:36 AM

          I dont think the game that is known for sadistic violence and has made it part of it's brand should move away from that.

          • reply
            September 12, 2023 8:58 AM

            He's saying ditch the story. Keep the violence.

            • reply
              September 12, 2023 9:38 AM

              I wasn't really saying either one should go or stay, its just that they're not compatible to me. They're making some of the characters more relatable and human for the story (Johnny Cage! what a fun egotistical jerk to have in your cast of characters!). But then they gleefully tear someone in half or something and now they're no longer relatable.

              I think if there's a lasting appeal, it would be the inclusion of the story mode. When watching people play these games on streams or whatever, the x-rays/fatalities wear their welcome out pretty quick. I'm sure the violence drives sales, so its not going away. But personally, I would have liked to see it shift away from it.

        • reply
          September 12, 2023 8:39 AM

          in this thread people with poor reading comprehension

      • reply
        September 12, 2023 8:19 AM

        I can't get over how much I dislike NetherRealm animation. Nothing has any weight to it.

      • reply
        September 12, 2023 8:57 AM

        I always watch these, but haven't played MK since 9 or 10

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