Yunobo of Goron City Quest - Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

A complete walkthrough for Yunobo of Goron City including acquiring fire-resistant armor, Moragia, and the Depths in Tears of the Kingdom.


Yunobo of Goron City is another Main Quest in the Regional Phenomena questline in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Link will need to head northeast toward Death Mountain to help Yunobo and the rest of the Goron’s sort out what’s happening in the mountain. 

Yunobo of Goron City

The Regional Phenomena quest marker in Goron City
Purah's Regional Phenomena quest takes you into Eldin to Goron City.
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Yunobo of Goron City is the Eldin region part of the Regional Phenomena Main Quest. It’s a bit of a trek to get there, but the good news is that you can find a Skyview Towers nearby including the Eldin Canyon Skyview Tower and Thyphlo Ruins.

A Goron lies on the ground inebriated while two young Gorons and an elder look over him
Find the passed out Goron and speak with them to start Yunobo of Goron City.
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Head into the mountains toward the Regional Phenomena quest marker at coordinates 1642, 2440, 0381. Inside the city you’ll find an elderly Goron called Bludo and two youngsters, Offrak and Slergo. Speak with them to start the quest, Yunobo of Goron City.

YunoboCo HQ

After the cutscene, follow the quest marker up to YunoboCo HQ (a short walk north of Goron City) where you’ll need to find Yunobo in a cave. However, Offrak and Slergo will advise Link he needs fire-resistant gear to go beneath the earth. If you don’t have the gear, you can buy fire-resistant armor (called Flamebreaker Armor) at the nearby shop for 700 rupees.

Link inspects Flamebreaker Armor in a shop
The Flamebreaker Armor will let you survive in the Fire Temple and inside Death Mountain.
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Check out our guide on how to farm rupees if you don’t have enough. We’ve also got a guide on where to find diamonds, one of the most valuable resources you can sell.

Yunobo charges at Link, smashing into a rock
Dodge Yunobo's attacks and then smack him in the head to break the mask.
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A tooltip explaining Yunobo's Power of Fire ability
Yunobo's Power of Fire move can be used to attack enemies and break obstacles. He will be constantly available while using vehicles.
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Once you’ve got fire-resistant armor, head back to the young Gorons and enter the cave. Yunobo will be oddly aggressive toward Link. Dodge his rolling attack and then smack him in the head. Do this three times to shatter the mask and helping him feel more like his old self.

Link can now use Yunobo’s ability while exploring Goron City and Death Mountain. Use the ability to smash through the red rocks to continue the quest. When you’re outside, Yunobo will request Link’s aid in searching for Princess Zelda in Death Mountain.

Climbing Death Mountain

A marker on a map at the top of Death Mountain
Just north of Link's position on the map is where you'll find a mine cart and some fans.
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All you need to do now is work your way to the top of Death Mountain. Start by following the main path out of Goron City and trek along it as it heads east toward the mountain. Be cautious as there are plenty of enemies along the way.

Getting close to the mountain will reveal a track that wraps up the volcano. Go to the west side of the mountain to find the starting point of the track along with a few mine carts and fans. Strap a fan to a cart and place it on the track to make the ascension much easier.

Yunobo smashes into a box while Link rides in a cart
Clear the way using Yunobo.
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While using any vehicle, Yunobo will sit in front, rolling continuously, allowing Link to fire him off to smash obstacles and enemies. He’s got a quick cooldown, so use Yunobo’s ability as much as you like.

Link rides in a mine cart around Death Mountain, a shrine is seen below
Keep an eye out for the shrine.
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Part of the way up Death Mountain will be a platform to recharge your batteries. You can grab the spike from the crate and attach it to the front of the cart for more damage. When you reach the top of the track, drop down off the ledge to find the Sitsum Shrine. This is useful if you need to leave and want to come back quickly.


The intro screen of the mini boss, Moragia

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Link flies a plane while firing off Yunobo
Fly the Zonai vehicle around and shoot Yunobo at the heads to break them.
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When you’re ready, walk up the wooden ramp and speak with Yunobo. After the cutscene, grab the Zonai vehicle and start flying. Use Yunobo’s rolling ability to attack the three giant heads of Moragia. Once all three have been hit once, the fight will be over and you can continue down into the heart of Death Mountain.

Below Death Mountain – The Depths

Link stands under a Lightroot, Yunobo is in the distance looking into the Depths
Glide down into the heart of Death Mountain and try to land on the higher ground.
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Dive down into Death Mountain when you’re ready. Try to land as close to the marker as possible, as this is where Yunobo is waiting – right beside the Mustis Lightroot (2367, 2598, -0949). If you land far down in the lava, you’ll need to die and dive down again or glide your way over and climb the mountain.

Link stands on ruins looking toward a large, underground structure
Keep heading west toward the marker until you reach the fortress in the distance. This is the Fire Temple!
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The goal now is to move through the Depths toward the waypoint. There is a lot of lava and tall cliffs between Link and his destination. There are some lightroots you can activate along the way and a Device Dispenser, so work your way across the darkness on foot or by making a Zonai vehicle. Remember to use Yunobo’s ability to clear the red rocks.

Once you reach the structure, you'll be one stop closer to completing Yunobo of Goron City. All that's left to do is finish the Fire Temple. Check out our Fire Temple guide for a detailed walkthrough on how to complete it and defeat the boss. There are three other Regional Phenomena quests to complete or if you’ve already done them you can continue along the Main Quest! For more temple and shrine walkthroughs, check out the Shacknews Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Strategy Guide.

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