Fire Temple & Marbled Gohma boss - Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Survive the blistering heat of the Fire Temple and defeat the Marbled Gohma with the help of Yunobo in Tears of the Kingdom.


The Fire Temple, as the name suggests, is a rather warm dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. This multi-level dungeon is tricky to navigate, what with its crisscrossing mine cart tracks, and the gongs to hit are tucked away in the corners of the structure. The good news is we’ve got a detailed walkthrough for how to complete the Fire Temple and deal with its roof-climbing boss, the Marbled Gohma.

Fire Temple

Title card for the Fire Temple

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Part of the Regional Phenomena quest, Yunobo of Goron City, has Link exploring the Depths below Death Mountain. This area is home to a huge fortress which reveals itself as the Fire Temple when you get closer. This dungeon’s main puzzle is finding five gongs to hit using Yunobo’s ability which will unlock five padlocks on a door. Each gong is on a different level, requiring Link to use mine carts on tracks to reach other floors.

Map of the Fire Temple in Tears of the Kingdom
The Fire Temple has five floors, each one separated by train tracks. Use switches to change the track's direction and elevation.
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The Ascend ability won’t be too useful in this dungeon, as the floors are too high.

1F Gong

Link makes a bridge of flat rocks to cross lava
Use fire hydrants to create rocks that can be attached together to form a bridge.
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The first gong you can get is located to the south of 1F. To reach this area, start at the padlocked door and go into the building to the east. Cross the lava streams using flat rocks to make a bridge. Use a fan-powered mine cart to reach the next building. Make sure to hit the switch to change the track so it goes straight ahead.

Link stands in a mine cart, a track switch is ahead of him pointing the wrong way
Flip the switch so it points straight ahead.
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Link crosses lava using a rock bridge, a gong is in the distance
Once the red rock is destroyed, cross the bridge and hit the gong.
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When the cart comes to a stop against the boom arm, jump out and go left down toward the crumbled building. There will be a Lava Like Like on the wall and a red rock blocking the path. You can use the fire hydrants to make rocks so you can build a ramp. This should make it easier to use Yunobo’s charging attack. Once the rock is out of the way, go through and hit the gong.

2F Gong

Link rides the tracks to the next gong
Ride the tracks up to the next pit stop. 
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Link is in a cart with a track switch ahead of him
Hit the switch to head to the right, which is the direction you'll need to go to reach the next gong.
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The next gong is on 2F and is found by following the track from the first gong. Use the mine cart and enjoy the ride to the next section, hitting enemies and blasting rocks as you go. The switch can be used to change the track so it takes Link to the right. Once you bump into the boom arm, change to the other track and continue.

Link positions a long bridge across lava
Create a big bridge to cross the lava.
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You’ll enter a big room to the north with lava pouring in from both walls and a large red rock in the magma. Use Yunobo to smash the rock which will let a fire hydrant make rocks. Attach the rocks together to make a bridge. Cross to the other side to find the gong defended by a Construct.

3F Track hub & Elevator shortcut

Link stands in a cart aiming at the track that rises up to 3F
Use the switch you can see in the distance to raise the track. This will grant you access to 3F where you can activate an elevator.
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While there are no gongs on the third floor, it is where you’ll spend a lot of time moving to get the other gongs. To reach it, start at the gong on 2F and hit the switch to the south to raise the track. Ride the track up to find what is basically a train station, complete with tracks, carts, and some Zonai devices. Hit the obelisk to activate the elevator, which will help you get back to this floor without going along the tracks again.

4F Gong

Link is in a cart, riding it up an include toward 4F
Use the two switched on 3F to turn and raise the track to reach 4F.
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The next easiest gong to locate is on 4F, which is to the north of the 3F track hub. Use the switches to rotate and raise the track so it points up to the next floor. Ride a cart up and once it loops around the back and to the front, stop the fan and jump out.

Link fires Yunobo at a red rock
Destroy any red rocks you see using Yunobo's Power of Fire ability.
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Link stands at the bottom of a ramp that goes up to a ramp, Yunobo is charging up to the gong
Make a ramp using flat rocks and send Yunobo up.
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On this floor, use Yunobo’s ability to blast the rock that’s attached to a pillar. The rock platform can be used as a ramp to fire him up on the right angle. This will uncover a fire hydrant that will make more rocks. Connect many together to form a larger ramp that leads up to the gong.

1F Gong

Map of the Fire Temple showing Link standing at the broken bridge
The broken bridge on 4F can be crossed using a makeshift bridge using rocks. Clear the red rock first with Yunobo.
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Link stands at the bottom of a ramp that leads across a broken bridge
A long ramp will be needed to cross the broken bridge.
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The second gong on 1F can now be reached from 4F. The rock ramp you created to hit the 4F gong can be used as a bridge to cross gap to the southwest. Send Yunobo into the red rock to clear the way.

Link stands looking at Yunobo, the gong is beside them as is a door switch
Hit the gong and activate the pillar to open the gate.
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Cross the gap using a makeshift bridge and drop down through the hole in the floor. At the bottom will be a gong and an obelisk that opens the gate.

5F Gong

Link stands at the entrance of the Fire Temple, an elevator is on his left
The elevator will be on your left when standing at the entrance of the Fire Temple and facing the padlocked door (seen in the distance).
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The last gong is on the fifth floor. If you’ve activated the elevator on 3F, you can ride it up from 1F near the entrance of the Fire Temple. The lift is on the south side of the hallway (left as you’re entering).

When you get back to 3F, look for the two sets of rails that go off to the southwest (the tracks on the right will be broken). Build a mine cart with rockets attached to it to blast over the gap. On the other side, hit the switch to lower the track – this will be your safe way back and forth between 3F and 4F.

Link rides two carts attached together up a track
You can fill up a cart with rockets and fans and take it to 4F to create your flying machine.
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The goal is to use rockets to reach the floor above you. Ride a cart back down to 3F, attach two carts together, put rockets and spare Zonaia parts into one cart, and ride the materials back up.

Link rides a flying device up to 5F
It ain't much, but two rockets and some fans will get you up high enough to reach 5F.
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On 4F, create a vehicle that can get you into the air (you could also attach a rocket to your shield). Get up high enough so you can glide onto 5F.

Link runs toward a gong on 5F
Hit the last gong and then go back down to the first floor.
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Smack the gong using Yunobo’s ability and break the red rock if you want. It’s possible to use Recall on the block to ride it up to 5F if you need too. However, with the fifth gong struck, you can return to the ground level and open up the padlocked gate!

Marbled Gohma

Marbled Gohma's intro screen

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The fight against Marbled Gohma is all about using Yunobo’s ability to smack its legs and break red rocks. When it’s on the ground, target Yunobo directly at the legs. When the boss is on the roof, shoot Yunobo up the walls using the grey parts as a ramp. If you’ve timed it right, Yunobo will tear along the ceiling and smack into the boss.

Link aims Yunobo's ability up a wall
Yunobo can be aimed at the walls, which lets him zoom across the roof.
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But first thing’s first, enter the arena and use Yunobo’s ability when aiming at one of the walls to make him zoom up and smash the rocks. This will reveal Marbled Gohma.

Marbled Goham on the ground, vulnerable to attack
When Marbled Gohma falls to the ground, hit its eye! As it begins to shake, jump off lest you lose hearts.
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Quickly use Yunobo’s ability to smash a leg. If the boss spews out rocks and surrounds Link, use Yunobo’s ability to break free before the rocks explode. Once two legs are smashed, the boss will fall to the ground and you can attack its eye. Smack its eye up real good and repeat the process until the boss is on half health.

Marbled Gohma is on the roof with Yunobo charging at it across the ceiling
When Marbled Gohma is on the roof, send Yunobo up the walls to hit its legs. Timing is key!
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When Marbled Gohma hits 50 percent health, it will climb around the ceiling. The trick is to send Yunobo up the walls and hopefully hit the boss. Because the boss moves around the edge of the roof, you’ll need to send Yunobo up the opposite side and time it so that your Goron ally hits the boss.

Hitting the boss with Yunobo just once while it’s on the roof will cause it to crash down. Jump up to its eye and attack it. Repeat this process until the boss is defeated!

Link stands trapped by red rocks, Yunobo is charged and ready to break the rocks
One of its attacks with surround Link with exploding rocks. Bust out using Yunobo before they explode!
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During the whole fight, Marbled Gohma will be sending down explosive rocks, trying to trap Link, and using its feet to bash the ground. Do whatever you can to avoid getting hit. The good news is that if you’ve unlocked the Master Sword, it does a great deal of damage to the boss, especially if you’ve Fused something powerful to the blade.

As soon as Marbled Gohma’s health drops to zero, the Fire Temple will be completed and the Yunobo of Goron City quest will come to a close. Now you can either move on with more Regional Phenomena steps or continue along the main quest. No matter what you choose, you can find walkthroughs and tips for them on our Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Strategy Guide.

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