Evening Reading - October 25, 2022

It's nighttime in America, which means it's time for another round of Evening Reading.


Welcome to the end of your Tuesday, Shackers. We’re almost at the midway point of the week, which means it’s downhill riding from tomorrow on, but before we get there, we’ve got to close our day out proper. Let’s have ourselves another wonderful edition of the Evening Reading, shall we? Come along and take a look.

In case you missed it at Shacknews…

And now… More stuff from The Internet!

A risky trade… but worth it?

Touch the kitty if you dare. She will decide what you keep.

Silent Hill 2 in a nutshell

The part with Eddie is pretty hilarious. Still very excited for the remake.

The mysterious Trash Planet of Skyrim

Nate Purkeypile’s stories about weird Bethesda bugs are dynamite. Check out the full Skyrim Trash Planet thread. You won’t be disappointed.

Into the night we go

Redfall still looks so dang good. Can’t wait for this one to come out.

Children of the Corn 2 was great

I mean… not like in a quality way, but definitely in a batpoop crazy way.

The pointiest suit

This is my huggin’ outfit. Beware.

Spirit Halloween memes get mean

Man, this one hits way harder than it should.

And there you have it. That’s your Evening Reading for this fine October 25. Thank you for reading and don’t forget that if you want to support Shacknews, you can do so for as little as a dollar a month through Mercury. Don’t have a dollar? Don’t need a dollar to download Shackpets. That’s our free app on iOS and Android where you can upload cute pics of your pets to battle against other people’s pet pics. It’s loads of fun and you’ll find cuties like my little Flaff there.

A mini-Aussie shepherd having a big snooze on a couch.
Flaff only wakes up for Shackpets votes. And food. She loves food.

That’s a wrap here. Thanks for stopping by, y’all. Having a good evening? Any good games you’re playing? Let us know in the Shacknews Chatty section below!

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