Leaked Battlefield 6 images offer blurry glimpses of the upcoming game's settings

It's not much to go on, but Battlefield 6 continues to look like its setting will be modern to near-future.


As Electronic Arts and DICE have prepared to show off the next Battlefield game (often referred to as Batltefield 6 though no actual name has been given yet), leaks and small supposed details continue to spring up here and there regarding the game. We’re still waiting on an official reveal that should come soon enough, but that hasn’t stopped further postings of what could be screens from the game hitting the net. Unfortunately, while there are some blurry details to be gleaned, they’re also mostly covered up by a big lol guy banner.

These supposed screenshots were shared in a small gallery on Imgur recently and arranged later to attempt to make sense of them in a Reddit post. The images are difficult to make out to say the least, due to the large dead meme banner across them and the blurriness of the shown details aside. That said, we do get to see choppers, a large, technical-looking backpack on one soldier, and what appears to be a beach setting. A few of these details seem to suggest Battlefield 6’s setting could go to a modern or near-future setting.

This is another of several blurry and unconfirmed details that have been shared in regards to Battlefield 6, which EA and DICE have already shared will be releasing this coming Holiday 2021, followed by a standalone mobile game coming in 2022. We had previously seen leaks and rumors that suggested an expanded effort going into dynamic weather and day/night cycles during matches. Either way, it seems pretty clear that EA is full effort into the game as it also recently brought Criterion in to aid in development of the next core franchise entry.

With an EA Play presentation planned for July 22, 2021, it feels very likely that an official look at the next Battlefield will happen there, if not sooner. Until then, it seems like people are scraping any and every possible detail out of what’s coming in Battlefield 6, stay tuned as we continue to follow for further details and official updates.

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