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Where to find Sleep Herb - Monster Hunter Rise

Gather up Sleep Herb so you never run out of Tranq Bombs in Monster Hunter Rise.


Sleep Herb is another integral material hunters will need in Monster Hunter Rise. This little herb is needed to craft Tranq Bombs, which puts monsters to sleep and allows them to be captured for extra rewards. It’s certainly not easy to find a good and steady supply of Sleep Herb at the start of the game, but with the right farming route, you should have enough to start catching wyvern.

Where to find Sleep Herb

monster hunter rise sleep herb

Sleep Herb can be found in just about all locations in Monster Hunter Rise. This herb is vital in the creation of Tranq Bombs, which are needed in order to capture monsters caught in a Shock Trap or Pitfall Trap. Unfortunately, there are only three spots to farm this in Shrine Ruins, but as it’s the first available location, you’ll need to work with what you’ve got.

Shrine Ruins Sleep Herb

monster hunter rise sleep herb shrine ruins map

The three locations where Sleep Herb spawn are all along the western side of the area. Thankfully, the farming route is pretty quick thanks to some Great Wirebug spots. However, you can take an alternate route if you’re farming other resources, like the Parashroom.

  • Area 2: On an outcropping near the waterfall. Use the Great Wirebugs to zip up and then drop down to it.
  • Area 13: Down the river, on a little outcropping. This can be reached by using the Great Wirebug at the base of the waterfall.
  • Area 13: In the canyon that connects to Area 9

If you’ve gone far enough through the campaign to get some Great Wirebugs, the best route is to simply work your way from bottom to top. Collect the Sleep Herb from the waterfall at Area 2, ride your Palamute up to Area 13 and grab the other one by the waterfall, and then go through the canyon toward Area 9.

As with the other resources, set a timer just as you collect your first Sleep Herb. With the timer running, get to work running your farming route. When the timer hits 4 minutes, the first resource you gathered should have regenerated. Each one is on a 4 minute cooldown, so busy yourself by gathering other resources, like Spider Webs or Thunderbugs. Don't forget to check the Canteen before you go out to see if a special Bunny Dango that reduces resource respawn time is available.

Now that you’ve got a good idea of where to find Sleep Herb in Monster Hunter Rise, you can gather up some Parashrooms and craft a good supply of Tranq Bombs. Be sure to stop by the Shacknews Monster Hunter Rise page for more resource tips.

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