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Where to find Thunderbug - Monster Hunter Rise

Learn where to find Thunderbugs in Monster Hunter Rise so you can start making traps.


Thunderbugs are one of the other main resources players will want to farm in Monster Hunter Rise. The reason for this is they are one of the key ingredients to the Shock Trap, which is vital in capturing creatures, which means more rewards. Finding a good Thunderbug farming route in Monster Hunter Rise is going to be important – so here’s what we found!

Where to find Thunderbug - Monster Hunter Rise

monster hunter rise thunderbug

Thunderbugs are one of the many endemic creatures found all over the various biomes and areas in Monster Hunter Rise. These bugs are needed in the crafting of Shock Traps, which is part of the process for capturing monsters. The soonest players can get their hands on Thunderbugs is in the Shrine Ruins right at the start of the game.

Shrine Ruins Thunderbug

monster hunter rise thunderbug map

There are five locations where Thunderbugs can be collected in the Shrine Ruins. Moving between each area is pretty straightforward, especially if you have a few Great Wirebugs placed for quick traversal.

  • Camp: Through the tunnel behind the camp
  • Area 3: Up on the rocks
  • Area 6: Up the path overlooking the water
  • Area 7: On top of the mountain
  • Area 9: On top of the gate

The best place to start is going to be behind the camp and through the tunnel. From here, move to Area 3, then Area 7, onwards to the Thunderbug at Area 9 and then bring it home in Area 6. This route can be altered to incorporate other resources that spawn in Shrine Ruins, such as Ivy, Sleep Herb, Parashrooms, and of course Spider Web.

A good strategy for farming is to set a timer. The moment you grab your first item, start the timer and run your route. When the timer hits 4 minutes, the first resource you grabbed will have regenerated. This will help keep your farming and gathering tight and succinct. Don't forget to check by the Canteen before leaving for a resource run to see if it has a special Bunny Dango that will reduce resource respawns.

With the location of Thunderbugs now in your mind and on your map, you can start gathering up a solid supply so you can make all the traps you need. When you have a moment, check out the Shacknews Monster Hunter Rise page for more guides and the latest news from Capcom’s next entry in the long-running series.

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