How to craft Shock and Pitfall Traps - Monster Hunter Rise

Craft some Shock Traps and Pitfall Traps and begin earning more resources every time you hunt a monster in Monster Hunter Rise.


Monster Hunter Rise is all about hunting and killing monsters, unless you’re a professional hunter, in which case you’ll want to craft traps to catch them! Much like previous games, there are a couple of different options when it comes to traps, there are Pitfall Traps and Shock Traps, and both require a few resources to craft.

How to craft Shock Traps

Shock Traps are your basic capture device in Monster Hunter Rise. These are used to immobilize a large monster, preventing it from moving about while you sort out your Tranq Bombs to capture it. At the start of the game, you’re not going to have the necessary resources to make these, unless you take some time to buy the tools and farm the materials.

monster hunter rise shock trap

The recipe for the Shock Trap is:

  • Trap Tool x1
  • Thunderbug x1

You can get Trap Tools from Kagero the Merchant in Kamura village. Kagero will sell two Trap Tools for 200 Zenny. You can only have two in your inventory at a time but can store as many as you need in your Item Box.

Thunderbugs, on the other hand, require a bit of work to acquire. These are found stuck on walls, rocks, and other surfaces. Simply find the first one and then use the in-game map to see where all the other Thunderbugs are for a given area.

The advantage of Shock Traps is that it does not require a monster to stand in it, which is great when fighting a flying monster. The other thing to note is that you can set them up quicker. There is the downside that the effects do not last as long as Pitfall Traps.

How to craft Pitfall Traps

Pitfall Traps are the Big Kahuna of the trap system. This trap is specifically designed for keeping monsters in place for longer, as the effects of Shock Traps can be shrugged off rather quickly. Making a Pitfall Trap requires a few more resources and prep work.

monster hunter rise craft pitfall trap

The recipe for the Pitfall Trap is:

  • Trap Tool x1
  • Net x1

Much like the Shock Trap, you can purchase a Trap Tool for the Pitfall Trap from Kagero the Merchant in Kamura village. Spend 200 Zenny for two Trap Tools. Make sure you have a good supply so you can always have traps on-hand.

monster hunter rise craft net

The other component is a net. This is not an item you can buy, you must craft it from materials gathered out in the world. In order to craft a net, you need Ivy x1 and Spider Web x1. These materials can be found in every biome and will just take a bit of farming to get up a good supply.

With plenty of Shock Traps and Pitfall Traps crafted, you should now be one step closer to capturing any monster you come across. Make sure you also take the time to craft the Tranq Bombs, because without them, the monster will just escape the trap and keep fighting. Zip on over to the Shacknews Monster Hunter Rise page for even more hunting tips.

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