Where to find Ivy - Monster Hunter Rise

Find an Ivy farming route in Monster Hunter Rise to ensure you always have enough to craft some Nets.


Ivy is a rather unassuming plant in Monster Hunter Rise, but it is absolutely critical to a very important recipe. Players that want to create Pitfall Traps will need a good supply of Nets, which in turn require Ivy. Now, finding where Ivy spawns in Monster Hunter Rise is straightforward, but what you really need is a good Ivy farming route.

Where to find Ivy

monster hunter rise ivy

Ivy can spawn in just about every location in Monster Hunter Rise, which makes it a rather simple plant to locate. What’s more, compared to its Spider Web counterpart, it’s downright in abundance around the Shrine Ruins.

Shrine Ruins Ivy

monster hunter rise ivy shrine ruins map

There are a total of five locations where Ivy can be found in the Shrine Ruins. Most of these are in easy to reach locations, with the only one that’s kind of a pain to get to being the one in Area 5. If you can find a good route that works for you, then you should be able to walk away with a good supply – even better if you can loop in a Spider Web or two.

  • Area 1: Up the ledge, above the honey
  • Area 5: In the canyon pass that leads to Area 8
  • Area 6: On the rocks overlooking the water
  • Area 8: In a small glade just over the walls
  • Area 12: Along the path to Area 11

The ideal farming route for Ivy in the Shrine Ruins would be to start at Area 1, work up and over the mountain and into the canyon at Area 5, drop down to Area 8, and wrap up to Area 12. The one at Area 6 can be collected on the way back down to the start, which will also take you past some Sleep Herb.

Collecting a good supply of Ivy in Monster Hunter Rise is as easy as finding a good farming route and running a few laps. If you want to ensure you never run out, chill out to some tunes or check out the Shacknews Twitch channel, where we stream just about every day of the week. While you’re out there on your hunt, remember to look over the Shacknews Monster Hunter Rise page for more hunting tips.

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