Where to find Spider Webs - Monster Hunter Rise

Collect enough Spider Webs in Monster Hunter Rise so you never have to worry about making traps.


Spider Webs in Monster Hunter Rise are far more appealing to run into than they are in the real world. The reason for this is that they’re needed to craft Pitfall Traps. Players that want to get out there and capture monsters will need to farm Spider Webs, which involves knowing their spawn locations and a decent farming route.

Where to find Spider Webs

monster hunter rise spider web farming

Spider Webs are dotted all over the various biomes in Monster Hunter Rise. These aren’t spun between trees or high up, but appear as little mounds on the ground. The importance of Spider Webs cannot be overstated, as they are critical in the creation of Pitfall Traps, much like Ivy. Farming Spider Webs early on in the game is going to be slow going, as there are only a few spawn points in the Shrine Ruins.

Shrine Ruins Spider Webs

monster hunter rise spider webs shrine ruins map

There are three locations in the Shrine Ruins where Spider Webs can spawn. Moving between these areas as quickly as possible, while also collecting other resources (like Sleep Herb or Thunderbugs), is going to result in having a good supply of items you need to capture monsters. Here’s where you can find Spider Webs:

  • Camp: Behind camp through a tunnel
  • Area 3: Up against the wall between some bamboo, near a little tunnel
  • Area 8: In the shrine ruins, inside a building

The one behind camp should be the starting point for a good Spider Web farming route. From there, you can go to Area 3 and finish in Area 8. Try working in the Ivy route, as they can tend to follow a similar path.

One tip to remember is that as you pick up your first Spider Web, start a timer. From there, run around and grab all the resources you want along your farming route. When the timer hits 4 minutes, the first Spider Web you collected will have regenerated. This is a good way to really dial in a route that best suits your needs. Don't forget to check the Canteen before going gathering as sometimes there's Bunny Dango there that reduce resource respawn time.

With the location of Spider Webs sorted, you can now get back to the more important things in Monster Hunter Rise, like capturing monsters and finding Relic Records. While you’re out there hunting, make sure you stop by the Shacknews Monster Hunter Rise page for more guides and news.

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