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How to craft Tranq Bombs - Monster Hunter Rise

Craft Tranq Bombs in Monster Hunter Rise so you can capture monsters instead of killing them.


Tranq Bombs are one of the most valuable tools in Monster Hunter Rise. Hunters that want to capture monsters will need to craft a good supply of Tranq Bombs rather quickly, as the hunts kick off immediately. Much like previous Monster Hunter titles, crafting Tranq Bombs requires a bit of farming of specific resources, so prepare to spend some time running farming routes.

How to craft Tranq Bombs

Tranq Bombs are your iconic handheld devices that put captured monsters to sleep. However, these are only going to work if the monster has sustained enough damage, is retrained in a trap (make sure you know how to craft Shock and Pitfall Traps) and that you use enough Tranq Bombs. But before all that, you need to craft them.

monster hunter rise craft tranq bombs

Here is the recipe for Tranq Bombs:

  • Sleep Herb x1
  • Parashroom x1

Sleep Herb and Parashroom are the only two ingredients you will need to craft Tranq Bombs. These two resources can be found in abundance across the various biomes in Monster Hunter Rise. While they can be found anywhere, it’s a good idea to spend the start of the game getting a good supply from the Shrine Ruins.

You can find some Parashroom in Area 4 on the rocky rise, as well as flanking either side of Area 10. These resources respawn after 4 minutes, so you should be able to get up a moderate supply for about 30 minutes of your time. If you're specifically looking for resources, be sure to check the Canteen for an occasionally appearing Bunny Dango that reduces resource respawn times.

For Sleep Herb, you will be looking in in Area 2 as well as upriver in Area 13 and in the valley between Area 10 and 12. If you can get a good path between these six resources, you should be able to get enough for quite a few Tranq Bombs.

Crafting Tranq Bombs in Monster Hunter Rise will take a bit of work early on. Spending some time running a farming route for resources in Shrine Ruins will ensure you can set out on the first few hunts with enough materials to capture any monsters. Stop by the Shacknews Monster Hunter Rise page for more tips and helpful resources.

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