How to get Great Wirebugs - Monster Hunter Rise

Collect Great Wirebugs and set up some handy ziplines in Monster Hunter Rise.


Great Wirebugs are a valuable tool for players in Monster Hunter Rise. This more advanced version of the Wirebug is a static tool that once used, stays in place for good. The one problem players will face is getting enough Great Wirebugs for each of the Jewel Lilies dotted around the many biomes.

How to get Great Wirebugs

For players just starting out, getting Great Wirebugs is not going to be straightforward. These are not collected out in the wild like other resources in Monster Hunter Rise, instead, they are offered by a villager in Kamura village. To get Great Wirebugs, you must speak with Senior Hunter Hanenaga who is to the right of the smithy and to the left of the Buddy area.

Before you tackle the Great Wirebugs, take some time to master the new Wirebug moves.

monster hunter rise great wirebugs senior hunter hanenaga
Speak with Senior Hunter Hanenaga to get Great Wirebugs.

In order to get Hanenaga to give you a Great Wirebug, you will need to go out into Shrine Ruins, find a Jewel Lily, and progress through the main quest a bit. After a while, Senior Hunter Hanenaga will call you over and give you 11 Great Wirebugs for your trouble.

As you continue to play through Monster Hunter Rise, finding Jewel Lilies and placing Great Wirebugs, you will need to speak to Hanenaga again to get more. He will offer you enough to keep you going as you enter new locations.

How to use Great Wirebugs

After you’ve spoken with Senior Hunter Hanenaga and claimed your Great Wirebugs, you can then head out into the different areas and start placing Great Wirebugs. The good news is that they are permanent, so you don’t need to keep placing them in the same spot. Furthermore, there are only set locations where Great Wirebugs can be placed.

monster hunter rise jewel lilies
Find Jewel Lilies dotted around each area and place a Great Wirebug.

To use a Great Wirebug, find one of the Jewel Lilies. These are marked on the map as a little circle with a tail pointing to where the Great Wirebug fires you. Approach the Jewel Lily to get a notification, you can then place one of the bugs.

monster hunter rise great wirebug
Each Great Wirebug you place will stay there permanently. Interact with the Great Wirebug to yeet yourself around the map.

With the bug placed, you can press A by default to fling yourself up along the Great Wirebug path. Some of the Wirebugs will fling you up into the air to another Great Wirebug, which if you press the button at the right time, will fling you even further. There is one like this in the Shrine Ruins in Area 4 that can get you up the mountain and on your way to one of the Relic Records.

Getting Great Wirebugs and placing them in Jewel Lilies is going to significantly speed up how you traverse the environment in Monster Hunter Rise. Make sure to visit Senior Hunter Hanenaga each time you visit Kamura village in case he has some more for you. While you’re doing that, you should also check out the Shacknews Monster Hunter Rise page for more hunting and survival tips.

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