How to use the Wirebug - Monster Hunter Rise

Traverse the world and attack monsters like never before with the Wirebug, a new and exciting tool in Monster Hunter Rise.


The Wirebug is a fantastic new tool for hunters in Monster Hunter Rise. This little device gives players a whole new toolset of moves and attacks, which will help them navigate the environment faster and open up new tactics for fighting and capturing monsters. The Wirebug can be a bit tough to wrap your head around at first, but with practice, it will become a vital tool.

How to use the Wirebug

The Wirebug in Monster Hunter Rise can be used offensively, defensively, and even as a traversal tool. This means you can use it to attack monsters, dodge an attack, or climb up some of the tall mountains and cliffs in the various areas.

monster hunter rise wirebug moves
The Wirebug makes it easier to traverse the environment. Insect Glaive users will find they're able to cross massive distances with ease.

One helpful tip to remember is that ZL is responsible for all things related to the Wirebug. If you’re pressing ZL, then you’re about to perform a Wirebug move. With that locked in your brain, it will become easier to string together other moves.

For traversal, ZL+X is used to zip vertically in the air. While in the air, it will pull you along a flat trajectory in the direction you’re facing. ZL+A on the other hand, will pull you forwards quickly when on the ground or pull you down toward the ground when you’re in the air.

You can also hold ZL and aim with the right stick for a more precise Wirebug move. Press ZR to use the Wirebug, pulling you toward wherever you aimed.

monster hunter rise wirebug
Each Wirebug move will consume one charge. These will recharge over time. You can temporarily increase your total charges by finding Wirebugs in the world.

When you’re in the air, you can hold A to hang from the Wirebug. You will not regenerate your Wirebug charge while doing this but it is useful for regaining stamina. When you’re ready, you can press B to dash a certain direction in the air.

In the event you get knocked over by a monster, pressing ZL+B will perform a quick dash that gets you back up and into the action.

Finally, you can also perform a wallrun after using a Wirebug move. Simply perform one of the moves toward a wall to land on it. When you hit the wall, hold the R button to start sprinting. When your stamina runs out you will jump off the world – this is a good point at which tap A to regain your stamina.

As for Wirebug charges, a move will use up one charge and will then go on cooldown. You can increase your Wirebug charges temporarily by picking up Wirebugs you find while out on a hunt.

How to perform Silkbind attacks

When your weapon is sheathed, you’ll be performing the above actions whenever you use the Wirebug. However, if your weapon is out, you will instead be performing Silkbind attacks. These attacks utilize the Wirebug in a unique way for each and every weapon.

To use a Silkbind attack, draw or equip your weapon and press ZL+X or A when facing a monster. Players using a ranged weapon must press R+X or A. You will see the Wirebug gets brought into a unique attack animation. This is one of the ways you can work towards the Wyvern Riding technique.

Check out this helpful video on the Monster Hunter channel for a visual overview of the Wirebug and the ways it can be used.

The Wirebug is a versatile tool that will help players interact with the world in unique ways, whether it’s navigating mountains or trapping monsters. The important thing to remember is that the Wirebug is easy to use but difficult to master. Take some time in an Expedition to practice the various movements and mechanics on offer, then, stop by the Shacknews Monster Hunter Rise page for more guides.

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