How to ride wyverns - Monster Hunter Rise

Learn the Wyvern Riding technique in Monster Hunter Rise and start riding monsters and getting them to fight each other.


Monster Hunter Rise brings a brand new technique to the table called Wyvern Riding. This new mechanic allows players to mount and ride monsters, causing them to fight other monsters and generally sew a lot of chaos and damage. There are a few key points to learn about Wyvern Riding to really make it useful, so get your Wirebugs ready because it’s training time!

How to ride monsters

The first thing you need to do before you can ride a monster is to get it into a mountable state. This is done by attacking it enough with a Wirebug Jumping Attack or Silkbind moves, having monsters fight each other, or by using the Puppet Spider Endemic Life.

Check out our Wirebug guide to learn more about how this new mechanic works.

monster hunter rise ride wyverns

To perform a Silkbind move, start by having your weapon drawn. For players using something other than a gun (Blademasters): ZL+X or A performs a Silkbind move. For players using a gun (Gunners), the button combo is slightly different: R+X or A. Each Silkbind attack is different depending on your weapon.

Any of these attacks that land will deal a unique type of damage to the monster. This damage is highlighted in a special way – with yellow damage numbers with a blue background. Perform enough of these types of attacks and the monster will enter a mountable state.

When the monster is in a mountable state, you must attack it once or sheath your weapon and then press A to mount it . Your hunter will enter a short animation of tethering the monster and jumping on its back. Once the animation is over, you have started the Wyvern Riding technique.

How to control the monster

After you’ve mounted the monster and started the Wyvern Riding technique, you’ll need to actually take advantage of this new position. While you’re on a monster you’re able to perform attacks, unique punisher moves, and even send it running at other monsters and obstacles.

monster hunter rise wyvern riding controls

In terms of controlling the monster, it will only move if you’re holding the dash button (R). Use the A and X buttons to perform attacks and B to evade. To dismount the monster and launch it running forward, press Y.

Launching a monster is a useful strategy. A monster you launch will fall over if it hits a wall or obstacle. You can also send it at another monster, causing them to fight. This can cause the second monster to enter a mountable state. After launching the monster, you can consume a Wirebug charge by pressing B to regain your footing, preventing you from falling off.

Perform attacks while riding a monster to fill the Wyvern Riding Gauge. When it is full, you can unleash a Mounted Punisher, a unique attack that deals massive damage. When the gauge is full, it will begin to slowly drain so it’s important to initiate a Mounted Punisher before it empties. To do this, press both attack buttons at once (X+A).

You can also use the B button to perform an evade or an emergency evade. Performing one as you’re attacked will stun the other monster.

The Wyvern Riding technique in Monster Hunter Rise is a valuable new hunting tool. After getting the monster in a mountable state using Silkbind moves, you can jump on it and start riding the monster. Remember to take advantage of its damage output and send it charging into a wall when you’re done with it. Stop by the Shacknews Monster Hunter Rise page for more guides.

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