Tall Tales play order - Sea of Thieves

Learn the order in which you should play the Tall Tales, Sea of Thieves' brilliant campaign voyages.


A campaign and stories have been added to Sea of Thieves in the form of Tall Tales. Those that want to partake in these campaigns will likely want to know the Tall Tales play order. This makes sense, as the tales take players on epic adventures around the seas, where they must solve new types of puzzles, traverse dangerous new locations, and face off against powerful enemies, and playing them out of order would be confusing.

Tall Tales play order

The number of Tall Tales in Sea of Thieves will continue to grow over time. As new stories are introduced, the play order may change as pivotal characters are introduced. Below is a breakdown of what you should play first, and the order you should do these voyages!

There is now an option to turn on icons for your ship’s map that shows the starting location of the Tall Tales. This feature will help new players figure out where each voyage begins. For those players that want a clean map, it can be turned off through Settings then Gameplay.

Maiden Voyage

sea of thieves tall tale order maiden voyage

The Maiden Voyage campaign is a short adventure all new pirates will have to play from now on. This introduces the players to a few concepts, and sets them off to the Sea of Thieves. For old-school players, the Maiden Voyage can still be completed via the main menu.

  1. Maiden Voyage

Shores of Gold

sea of thieves tall tale play order
The Shores of Gold was the first Tall Tale added to Sea of Thieves, and it all begins with the Shroudbreaker.

The Shores of Gold was the first Tall Tale added to Sea of Thieves in April of 2019. This epic adventure can take roughly 20 hours to complete, with each section of the tale taking about two hours to complete for first-timers.

Make sure you check out the Shacknews Shores of Gold campaign guide for a complete walkthrough as well as the Shores of Gold journal locations guide for all the collectibles.

  1. The Shroudbreaker
  2. The Cursed Rogue
  3. The Legendary Storyteller
  4. Stars of a Thief
  5. Wild Rose
  6. Art of the Trickster
  7. The Fate of the Morningstar
  8. Revenge of the Morningstar
  9. Shores of Gold

It's worth noting that once you complete The Cursed Rogue, the next four voyages unlock. These can be completed in any order, but it might be easier to just complete them as they appear in the list.

Captain Flameheart saga

Sea of Thieves tall tale play order Captain Flameheart
The Tall Tale surrounding the story of Captain Flameheart is currently an ongoing situation. 

Unfortunately, this Tall Tale doesn’t have an official name, so I’m going to dub it The Captain Flameheart saga. This is the currently-unfolding Tall Tale that sees an ancient evil stirring and threatening life on the seas.

  1. The Seabound Soul
  2. Heart of Fire

The Tall Tales play order in Sea of Thieves is fairly straight forward. Each Tall Tale voyage is laid out in order of how they should be played within the Tall Tales tab under the Reputation section. Whether you’re reaching the Shores of Gold or taking down Captain Flameheart, you can find a helpful guide over at the Shacknews Sea of Thieves guide and walkthrough.

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