The Cartridge Family 060 - The Real Game Awards 2018

The fam talks about The Game Awards, Red Dead Redemption, and we hear from a recovering Amiibo addict who battled a potential Ridley-related relapse.


The Game Awards were last night (and, for some, this morning), and in the middle of all the pomp and circumstance (who was Christoph Waltz wearing?!) was actually a pretty cool show! It took five years to get Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony to take the stage together, but that was nothing compared to the controversial decision over Game of the Year. It’s safe to say John is in full Red Dead fanboy mode on this one.

We also talk Basketball. Not NBA 2K, not NBA Live, but…Basketball. Is it any good? Who knows? Who cares?! With a name like that, we’re talking about it, and we’re going to be playing it. That is, if we’re not playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and some of the other games that we mention in headlines. For now, put on your discounted Dolby Atmos headphones and bask in the glory of a new episode of The Cartridge Family!

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