TGA 2018: BioWare teases Dragon Age 4 The Dread Wolf Rises

BioWare teased an all-new Dragon Age game at The Game Awards 2018 using the hashtag #TheDreadWolfRises.


Video game fans have seen plenty of new content and game reveals at this year's Game Awards 2018 showcase, and BioWare jumped in on the action with an all-new trailer for what we can only assume is Dragon Age 4. Using the hashtag #TheDreadWolfRises, the latest trailer is heavy on style but relatively light on substance. Check it out below.

The developers at BioWare are clearly making a heavy push on social media for the latest in the Dragon Age series, but for all their efforts, we still know relatively little about what could be the next full installment to the franchise. Hopefully more details will be revealed via Twitter, whether from the company itself or through the comments on the teaser trailer tweet.

It's still not entirely clear if the latest teaser trailer is in fact a Dragon Age 4 trailer, but we're feeling pretty good that it is. Not only has it been a full four years since the Dragon Age series had a new release, the developers have been dropping several sneaky teasers and other tasty tidbits regarding the series for months now.

Unfortunately, with most of the BioWare team putting their efforts into Anthem, it's unlikely that we'll see Dragon Age 4 any time soon. Hell, we may not even see it in 2019. As things stand now, anything even resembling a proper release date is certainly up in the air. Still, for some fans, just knowing that BioWare hasn't forgotten about the Dragon Age series should be enough to keep hope alive.

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