TGA 2018: The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe arrives on consoles in 2019

Galactic Cafe's award-winning walking simulator Stanley Parable gets the ultra deluxe edition treatment and its first-ever console release next year.


As is tradition, December brings the annual broadcasting of The Game Awards. Formerly known as the Spike Video Game Awards, the show has been organized and produced by veteran games journalist Geoff Keighley and aims to recognize outstanding achievements in the video game art form, as well as offering a platform to debut new game trailers and announcements. Tonight’s Game Awards show is being hosted at the Microsoft Theater and the folks at Galactic Cafe took the opportunity to announce The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe at the end of the pre-show.

Originally released in 2013, The Stanley Parable began life as a mod for Half-Life 2 and was later formed into a full-blown retail release after working its way through the Steam Greenlight process. The game follows protagonist Stanley as the player guides him through an abandoned office environment while a narrator deliver exposition.

The game received numerous accolades for its narrative style and open-ended design that took player choice into account to change the direction the game takes. As the began it life as a PC mod, it was only released for the PC. Years later, the team is adding all-new content, endings, and more for its big console debut.

The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe is scheduled to arrive for the consoles next year. During The Game Awards reveal, an update for the PC version was also confirmed.

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