Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Runs in 4K on PC

The Nintendo Switch and Wii U are cute little devices that offer some great games. After a new patch, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has stabilized to a more solid frame rate in decent 720p resolution (900p if docked). But why should you settle for those middling resolutions when you can see Link running through Hyrule in gaudy 4K glory? Well, besides pissing off Nintendo.

The developer behind the Wii U emulator CemU has been pushing to get the game running properly, but it appears that a YouTuber YamGaming has gotten Breath of the Wild running amazingly smooth with some extensive tweaks to the emulator's settings. His system specs are:

  • i7 6700k @ 4.3ghz (overclocked)
  • GTX 1070 G1 video card
  • Corsair h110i AIO
  • EVGA 600b PSU
  • 16gb Ripjaw 5 RAM 2400mhz (overclocked)
  • Asus z170-a 
  • SSD Kingston 120gb

If that isn't enough information for you to get it running, there is an entire Zelda CemU subreddit that focuses on getting the game running smoothly on your PC.

Keep in mind that Nintendo has never liked emulators and CemU blurs the legal lines a bit, if not totally stepping over them. CemU has proven incredibly popular, making $36,000 a month from its Patreon. Nintendo is very protective of its IPs, and doesn't even allow sites to use footage of its games in videos with attempting a takedown quicker than John Cena. Given that, in this case, you will be trying to emulate a game you already own and it isn't a pirated version. But even with fair use, it may not stop Nintendo from trying to pull the plug on any adaptations of a currently popular game to the superior PC platform. Seeing their beautiful game running at 4K may be just the push it needs to file a DMCA claim, if not a full lawsuit.  

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