The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Is Already Running on PC (Sort Of)

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is only a Nintendo Switch and Wii U title, but thanks to the power of emulators, the game is already running on a PC, albeit a bit sporadically.

The Cemu emulator, which runs Wii U games on PC and is a follow up to the Dolphin GameCube emulator, is running on an i7-4790K PC running a GTX 780 and 8GB RAM  Developer Exzap posted a video on Reddit (via PCGamer) of the game running, although it wasn't necessarily playable The video shows about 10-15FPS, which would excruciatingly painful to any gamer.

"Audio is muted because it is just white noise," Exzap wrote. "Lots of bugs that make the game unplayable. Physic glitches, rune abilities that require object selection don't work, no water collision, etc. Essentially it's impossible to leave the tutorial area without using a save."

So while there is progress, don't expect to be booting it up in your emulator any time soon, but the signs are encouraging. "The game pretty much ran this way out of the box after the few issues were resolved that prevented it from going in-game," Exzap said. "I was actually very surprised to see it running this good with no extra work required,"  

Exzap said he will continue to push forward with the work. "I don't yet know precise details about why the game is running slow. That said, CPU bound games usually profit from improvements to the recompiler/JIT core. Additionally, Cemu is rather young so there is also optimization potential almost everywhere in the code. My guess is that we will see small incrementals in speed for almost every future Cemu release."

Keep in mind, though, that while all this work is encouraging, Nintendo has taken a dim view of emulators since pirated versions are used. Given the newness of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, this project may not be going for long.

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