Goodbye, Fileshack

Dear Shacknews community,

As the clock reached midnight on New Year's Eve, we decided--like many of you may have--to make some resolutions for 2014. As unoriginal as this may sound, we decided that we wanted to get in shape and lose weight. And no, I'm not talking about our staff. (We all have beautiful, chiseled abs. Calendar coming soon.) I'm talking about the website as a whole.

When I controversially said "happy holidays" at the end of the year, I teased that big things were coming to Shacknews in 2014. While I can't reveal our plans quite yet, today marks the first step in our plan to shake things up. We're shutting down FileShack, effective immediately.

Some of you will say "what's FileShack?" Others will cry foul, reminiscing about fond memories of Times Gone By. But, a service like FileShack isn't really necessary in today's day and age. Steam and its ilk have automated game updates, rendering patch download services largely unnecessary. And truth be told, we didn't offer a competitive product with FileShack. There are better places to grab mods, better places to shack files.

By shutting down FileShack, we'll become a much more nimble site, being able to focus on the things that really matter: Chatty and editorial. As our close friend Jillian Michaels would say after berating us and making us cry, "you know when transformation happens? Right now."