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Max Payne 2 mod makes it more like Max Payne 3

Max Payne 3 may have strayed too far from the series' roots for some fans' liking, but at least one thought it introduced a few cool new tricks. A new Max Payne 2 mod adds in bits and pieces lifted from MP3, some of which you may be happier to see than others, including splicing bits of player-controlled action into cutscenes, adding the 'Last Stand' chance, arming Max with close-range execution kills, and cutting his inventory down to three weapon slots.

Max Payne 3 Painful Memories pack coming December 4

Max Payne has had a pretty difficult life. Rockstar is pulling from the character's "Painful Memories" in a new DLC pack for Max Payne 3 hitting on December 4 that will offer four new multiplayer maps and a few other perks.

Max Payne 3 free multiplayer DLC out next week

Lest your games of online cops & robbers grow stale, Rockstar today confirmed that Max Payne 3's free multiplayer DLC pack 'Disorganized Crime' will launch next week. With a new map set on the rooftops of Hoboken and new Score Attack modifiers, it'll hit PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on August 28. It'll also add a cheeky little single-player option for classic noir fans.

Max Payne 3 adds cheater pool

Rockstar has started up its Cheater Pool initiative for Max Payne 3, lumping all of the cheaters together so they can bug each other (instead of you).

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