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Transformers Universe MMO now a 'MOTA'

Jagex first announced its licensed MMO Transformers Universe in 2011, but hasn't really had much to say about it since. Will a summer launch planned, the Runescape creator has finally opened up a little to reveal that, well, it may not even be an MMO. Jagex has coined the genre named 'massively online tactical action,' or MOTA, which we broadly assume is intended to mean "a bit like a MOBA (a Dote 'em up, to you and I) but not quite."

RuneScape farmed gold drops 81% after official gold sales added

Ooh, those gold farmers, how they infuriate MMORPG players so! The way to combat them seems pretty clear, though: add an official way to buy gold. Jagex has reported an 81% drop in the amount of farmed gold floating around its free-to-play RuneScape in the month since it added a sanctioned 'bonds' to buy gold for cash.