Runescape Creator Raises Over $300k For Mental Health Initiatives

Developer Jagex has surpassed the goal set when launching its Charitable Giving initiative.


Browser-based MMO Runescape came out over 17 years ago, but in all that time, the development team at Jagex hasn't stopped thinking about the best ways to make a real impact in players' lives. Of particular note is the studio's Charitable Giving initiative, which formed in April of last year with the goal of raising £150,000 in support of mental health charities. As of today, Jagex has announced that the Charitable Giving initiative has exceeded that goal, raising over $300,000 for charities like The Prince's Trust, CPSL Mind, and the YMCA Right Here project.

Phil Mansell, CEO of Jagex, said that the success of the campaign comes down to the dedication and support provided by the entire Runescape gaming family.

“Our passionate and generous RuneScape community has helped raise hundreds of thousands of pounds over the last few years for some incredible causes. By singularly focusing on supporting the mental health and wellbeing of young people through partnering with our chosen charities, we hope they will once again come together and help people to receive the backing they need to cope with the turbulence of the world today.”

Jagex is continuing its campaign to raise mental health awareness on a local and international stage. Anyone who wants to learn more about the goals of Jagex's charitable work or how they can contribute can find more information listed over at Jagex's Charitable Giving website.

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