Transformers Universe is a CCG in disguise

Transformers Universe rebranded itself as a "MOTA" two months ago, and we've finally gotten a better idea of what exactly that means.


It's been almost two months since Transformers Universe was rebranded a "MOTA"--for Massively Online Tactical Action--but we haven't had any idea what that acronym is supposed to mean. Jagex has finally taken the wraps off by giving a press demo, and the answer is apparently a hodgepodge of different influences.

Rock Paper Shotgun describes the result as borrowing parts of Team Fortress 2, World of WarCraft PvP, and League of Legends. You're given a pack of Transformers that you can swap from at will, and if one falls you can send it off for repairs while fighting with another one. These are all preset robots (in disguise), though, and they're original Jagex creations instead of recognizable bots from the series.

Combat is class-based and fast-paced, with each bot sporting a set of support powers that tend toward the defensive. You can transform anytime, though combat is mostly focused during the robot modes and the vehicles are meant more for strategic positioning. It also features some form of open world, but the purpose of that space was left vague.

Some collectible card game influence creeps in as more robots are added to your "hand" to swap out during battle, but Jagex didn't detail the payment or microtransaction system. We know it will be free-to-play, so chances are that will play into the financial model somehow.

Jagex promises a beta sometime in the near future, and it's scheduled to come out this year.

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