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Styx debut trailer reveals open-level sneaking

Why send a full-grown man on a sneaking mission when a goblin's half his size? Styx: Master of Shadows will sensibly send a centuries-old goblin out to infiltrate a colossal tower, moving through open levels as he pleases to investigate, assassinate, skulk, and steal. Following on from January's announcement, publisher Focus Home has now released the first trailer.

Stealth spin-off Styx: Master of Shadows announced

Sneaking through open levels, pilfering treasure, stealing information, and quietly assassinating guards is the grand vision Cyanide Studio has for its newly-announced PC stealth 'em up Styx: Master of Shadows. The eponymous goblin was introduced in 2012's RPG Of Orcs and Men, but has apparently ditched his burly orc chum for now.

Space Hulk: Deathwing is an FPS

Games Workshop is going wild with video game adaptations lately, licensing its beloved tabletop franchises to everyone and their grandmother. That Focus Home has licensed Warhammer 40,000 off-shot Space Hulk for an FPS is no surprise, then, but here's the weird bit: Space Hulk: Deathwing> is made by Streum On Studio, the folks behind E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy.

Blood Bowl 2 announced

Wipe the skull fragments from your boots and sharpen your shoulder pads, as Cyanide Studio's Blood Bowl adaptation is finally getting an actual sequel rather than more fancied-up expanded editions. Publisher Focus Home carefully avoids saying anything of much consequence about Blood Bowl 2, but, er, hey, we do know that vampire-ogre commentator duo Jim & Bob will play a bigger part.

Free-to-play Blood Bowl: Star Coach announced

If you like the team-management side of Blood Bowl but not the turn-based strategy of matches, and would rather games were free than costing money, then, er, hey! Cyanide is working on a free-to-play version of the Games Workshop tabletop game which focuses purely on management, aiming for release on PC, Mac and tablets some time from April to June.

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