Dryleaf Dane quest walkthrough - Elden Ring

How to get the Dryleaf Arts weapon and finish Dane's quest.


Elden Ring’s Dryleaf Dane quest is one of the RPG’s shorter NPC quests, and there’s not much to it – once you figure out how it works, at least. There’s a specific quirk involved in starting Dane’s quest, but it’s worth the effort. You end up with one of the expansion’s unique weapons and a new playstyle for your trouble.

Our Elden Ring Dryleaf Dane quest guide explains how to speak to the monk in Scadu Altus and where he goes as the story progresses.

Elden Ring: Dryleaf Dane location

A map image showing where to find Dryleaf Dane

Dane the monk is standing around the entrance to Moorth Ruins, beside the Miquella’s Cross there. He stays there even after Miquella’s great rune shatters and the charm breaks, as, like Leda, he’s one of Miquella’s devoted faithful even without the Empyrean’s manipulative intervention. 

Like with the rest of Shadow of the Erdtree’s NPCs, Dane moves on after you burn the sealing tree in Rauh Ruins. It’s a pretty big moment and an action you have to agree to take, so you won’t accidentally do it without realizing. Afterwards, you won’t be able to speak with Dane or get his Dryleaf Arts weapon.

How to talk to the monk in Scadu Altus

An Elden Ring Tarnished performing the May the Best Win emote

You need to speak with Dane to start his quest, which is easier said than done. There’s a note near Miquella’s Cross with a tease about what Dane expects from you, but in usual From fashion, it’s pretty cryptic. What you need to do is perform the “may the best win” emote. Open the menu, and use the direction pad or arrow keys to navigate to the emote pane in the bottom right corner.

You earn the emote from defeating Rellana at the end of Castle Ensis, so if you skipped her and took the shortcut behind the Fort of Reprimand, you won’t be able to chat with Dane yet.

Elden Ring: Dryleaf Dane quest

An Elden Ring Tarnished battling Dryleaf Dane

Dane’s quest is pretty short and straightforward compared to Shadow of the Erdtree’s other NPCs. After you perform the emote, Dane teleports you to a challenge realm and invades you. He’s evasive and uses a mix of close-combat attack combos, with occasional bouts of holy spellcasting. 

However, he’s also pretty fragile and prone to heavy attacks. Jump attacks and any melee strikes from heavier weapons will interrupt his combos, and fast-moving weapons can catch him after he evades. I recommend the Blackgaol Knight's sword for strength builds, Milady or the Backhand Blade for dexterity builds, and whatever melee weapon your stats allow if you’re running an intelligence or faith build.

You’ll leave the invasion realm after Dane’s defeat and end up back at Miquella’s Cross. Here, you’ll find Dane’s Dryleaf Arts weapon, a new armament type that lets you pull off punch and kick combos the same as Dane did in your fight. They’re particularly useful when you infuse them with an Ash of War that’s aligned with cold or bleed, so don’t discount them, despite their lower damage potential.

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