How to reach the northern Finger Ruins - Elden Ring

Discover the path to the northern tip of the Realm of Shadow to reach the Finger Ruins.


Whether you’re doing a quest for Count Ymir or just trying to explore the map, the northern part of the Realm of Shadow is an appealing location. This tip of the map features what appears to be a duplicate of the Finger Ruins from the south, along with some green fields. However, reaching this location is not clear and is actually rather sneaky.

Hint: There is a hidden door in a nearby building to access the area. You don’t hit it or pull a lever.

How to reach the northern Finger Ruins

A map showing the northern tip of the map where the Finger Ruins are located
Reaching the northern section of the map to get the Finger Ruins will take some work.
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For those that want an immediate answer: To reach the northern Finger Ruins, you must use the O Mother gesture at the statue of Marika near the Shadow Keep, Back Gate Site of Grace where you fought Commander Gaius.

Map of Bonny Village showing the location of the O Mother gesture
Head to the location marked on the map at Bonny Village to get the O Mother gesture.
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Now all of this is easier said than done. You will need to acquire the O Mother gesture from Bonny Village, the Jarburg-like area below Moorth Ruins. The gesture is found to the north of the area, on a petrified corpse near a gnarled tree.

You will now need to gain access to the back of Shadow Keep. If you haven’t already, this will require reaching the other Site of Grace in the Specimen Storehouse. Basically, continue from Bonny Village up the path, following the road north and then west as it curves to the Church District. Jump along the rooftops and work your way inside and then up the Storehouse. You’ll eventually reach the Back Gate Site of Grace.

Standing at the Back Gate Site of Grace, an arrow points to a side room
Go to the Back Gate Site of Grace and enter the side room. Use the gesture at the statue to reveal a passage.
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A map showing the Back Gate area of Shadow Keep
This is the Site of Grace you need, which can only be accessed from the additional Site of Grace at the top of the Storehouse.
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When you get here, enter the side room to find a statue of Marika. Perform the O Mother gesture in front of it and the statue will slide to the side, revealing a path down to the Hinterlands. From here, you can fight down to the Finger Ruins and continue Count Ymir’s quest.

Now that you’ve made it to the northern tip and found the Finger Ruins, there’s only one more Finger Ruins to go. There’s also plenty to see and do in the Realm of Shadow, so stop by our Elden Ring Strategy Guide to get more help traversing these hostile lands.

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