How to kill the Aging Untouchables - Elden Ring

These terrifying enemies in the Abyssal Woods can actually be killed, and doing so will earn you a special talisman in Elden Ring.


The Abyssal Woods in the Realm of Shadows is home to madness inducing monstrosities called Aging Untouchables. These bulbous-headed, wand-using foes turn you mad, can kill you in one go if they catch you, and are completely unkillable – or so you might think. It turns out, it’s actually possible to kill these creatures, provided you’ve got the skill.

How to kill the Aging Untouchables

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Aging Untouchables can be killed by parrying them. As wild as that sounds, it actually works. If you can parry their wand attack (the one they use when they grab you), you can follow it up with a riposte, which will leave them vulnerable to a normal attack. Killing these will earn you the Aged One’s Exultation talisman.

The player parries an Aging Untouchable
A successful parry will bounce the wand back up toward the monstrosity's head.
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As for actually killing the Aging Untouchable, here’s how you are going to need to do it. Firstly, get yourself a good parry shield. Gostoc in Stormveil Castle sells the buckler, which has the best parry animation in the game (short of using a specific Ash of War). If you’ve killed him, visit the Twin Husks in the Roundtable Hold and buy it from them. Failing this, you can use any parry shield, the timing will be stricter.

Next, find an Aging Untouchable in the Abyssal Woods. I used the ones around the southern area to get the talisman. Approach the enemy until it sees you and then stand still. It will start dealing Madness damage and then teleport behind you.

When it teleports, you’ll get knocked to the ground and then stand back up. Immediately face the Aging Untouchable and get ready to parry. It will point its wand at you and run forward. As soon as it lifts its wand up high, wait a fraction of a second and then parry.

The player ripostes an Aging Untouchable
After doing the parry, immediately follow up with a riposte to stab it. You might need to take a half-step forward to get into position.
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After you parry the attack, perform a light attack to do a riposte and complete the entire parry attack. If you didn’t kill it in one hit, prepare to attack it again. Wait for it to stand up and then quickly use a light attack. Ideally you will be starting the attack animation so that your hit lands as the Aging Untouchable loses its invincibility frames. If this does not kill it, you will need to parry the Aging Untouchable again! For this reason, it's a good idea to use the Dagger Talisman as it increases critical hit damage.

Aged Ones Exultation talisman
Your reward for defeating an Aging Untouchable is the Aged One's Exultation talisman. I got this from one of the foes in the south.
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If you’ve done this correctly, the Aging Untouchable will die and you will receive the Aged One’s Exultation talisman. This boosts attack power when madness is triggered in the vicinity – a useful talisman, especially for this area.

Just because the Aging Untouchables can actually be touched and killed does not mean it will be easy. It might take you a couple of attempts to get the parrying sorted out. With that done, check out our Elden Ring Strategy Guide for more tips on how to deal with tough enemies.

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