Domain of Dragons painting solution - Elden Ring

Where to find the Domain of Dragons painting and the location it depicts in Elden Ring.


The Domain of Dragons painting is probably the most difficult one to solve in the Elden Ring expansion. Sure, you probably know it’s on Jagged Peak, but the incessant storm makes it difficult to know where to look. Here’s where to find the painting and its solution location, along with what you get.

Domain of Dragons painting location

A map showing the location of the domain of dragons painting
Start at the main Site of Grace and go through the shortcut door on the right. You'll need to have opened this, else you'll need to wrap around via the left. Look for the ladder to go down to the moat and through the waterfall.
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The Domain of Dragons painting is located in Shadow Keep, in a room hidden in the moat that leads to the Castle Watering Hole. From the Main Gate Plaza Site of Grace, go through the door on your right (this shortcut will need to be unlocked) and then go up the stairs. Turn right at the top and look for the ladder along the left edge.

The player looks at the Domain of Dragons painting
The painting is on its easel in a room before the coffin ride.
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Go down the ladder into the moat and pass through the waterfall. Continue through the rooms to locate the painting sitting on an easel. While you’re here, you could also get started on unlocking the eastern area of the map.

Domain of Dragons solution

A map of Jagged Peak showing a route to the Domain of Dragons painting solution
The path from the Site of Grace is rather straight and littered with dead dragons. Don't go up the spiritspring, jump on the rocks to the right of it.
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The Domain of Dragons painting shows an area on Jagged Peak accessed via the Jagged Peak Mountainside Site of Grace. Even though Jagged Peak is covered in a thick storm, once you reach the area of the painting, the sky will clear (only while you’re stood in the one spot).

The player walks along the path that's covered in dead dragons

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An arrow points to the right of the spiritspring
To the right of the spiritspring are some rocks you can climb to the artist.
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Start at the Jagged Peak Mountainside Site of Grace and follow the path up the hill that’s covered in dead dragons. The painting is to the right of the first spiritspring, up a jumble of rocks. You can climb the rocks on Torrent or use the spiritsprint. Be aware that the spiritspring will try to take you up the main path.

The player stands beside the ghostly artist looking at the scene depicted in the Domain of Dragons painting
Stand near the ghost and the sky will clear.
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You should hopefully see the ghostly chair and when you approach it, the painter will appear. Look out toward the Scadutree and the storm will dissipate, revealing what the artist painted. You will receive the Rock Heart consumable item for your trouble. This turns you into a dragon!

The Domain of Dragons is probably the most difficult painting to solve in the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion. The fact that Jagged Peak is constantly covered in a fog and a storm makes it tough to work out where you need to go. However, with that out of the way, you can get back to solving the other paintings. Be sure to check out our Elden Ring Strategy Guide for more help tracking down important things in the Realm of Shadow.

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